Help! On what state should i apply without requirinf tofel exam?


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What state do you really want to work and practice in once you do pass the NCLEX-RN? That's the real and only answer to your question!

Jumping state to state to re-take doesn't increase your chances to pass the NCLEX, but it will increase your chances to fail more.

Why not simply invest the money you were thinking of to pay for the hundreds of $$ to re-apply with new application fees and possibly new English proficiency test and possible new course evaluation into the better refresher course instead?

You should know skipping all over the states only means you still need to meet and pass the state's requirements. I mean, you could apply in NY (unlimited testings) but then if you wanted to practice in FL, you need to endorse again with the above mention examinations.

As far as a two month timeline, you should be thinking of a several month's to wait for the ATT. Applying into any state even with your report in hand means having to go thru the entire approval process again.

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Have you asked IERF on what states your report will be honored?

Also, if you have failed the NCLEX 3 times, you might want to slow down and process things for a bit.

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