Help! On what state should i apply without requirinf tofel exam?

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Hi im an ierf applicant from the philippines . Failed 3x already for fl nclex..since they require you to do remedial course after failing 3x?? What state should i apply next without having tofel exam??

And i want to stay with ierf since it will only be $200 for the revision of my papers,i dont want to request my papers to our school in the phils again since it will take forever!!..

Please i need help. Thank you.

im aplanning to apply on anystate that ierf takes that doesnt require tofel?? anyone who can help me?

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If you can't pass a basic language proficiency exam, what makes you think you are qualified to teach patients about their health, treatments, medications, tests, follow up care, etc? And that when they are particularly vulnerable and need everything on their side to learn and heal...

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Pretty much what the PP said. You will need to converse in English to the patient's. So unless you are going to practice nursing where you are originally from, you need to speak it properly. It is helpful to know another language but since the main language spoken here is English, you need to be proficient in it. I would not move to Mexico & expect them to let me practice as a nurse if I can't speak Spanish.

No ididnt mean that way..i just want an easier and faster way to get att in 2months..FL didnt require tofel so in just wondering if i can find a state that will do it will also add up to my expenses :( its my 4th time so I'd spent alot already :(

Hawaii gives you 9x but need transcript

But ierf doesnt do eval on the state of hawaii :(

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Easiest & fastest is useless if you have no intention of practicing nursing in that state. You will still be required to fulfill all requirements (English proficiency, CES, acceptable education, etc) if you attempt to endorse to another state if you pass the nclex& are licensed.

You posted that you have failed 3 attempts at NCLEX why not focus time & effort on passing this entry to practice exam rather than "easiest & fastest ". The NCLEX is a national exam. The pass rates first time for IENs is

It seems if you want to save $$$ and time why not enroll in an NCLEX remediation program (Kaplan offers one for IENs) for a few hundred $$$ rather than pay several hundred $$$ to jump BoNs in an attempt to avoid CGFNS, TOEFL, or a refresher class. The easiest & cheapest might be to put your time, $$, & effort into passing the NCLEX via the BoN where you have already received an ATT.

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If you've failed three times, a remedial course certainly couldn't hurt.

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Most states prefer CGFNS not IERF

Three time failure as an IEN seriously lowers your potential to pass the NCLEX without remediation to single digit per cent (I've seen as low as less than 5% pass rate for 4th attempt NCLEX for IENs). Perhaps more fiscally prudent to take the refresher class as required by the BoN

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California will do without the exam

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But CA will not accept without a valid SSN. Also CABRN has been rejecting most Filipino educated IENs that graduated since 2008 due to lack of concurrency of clinical & theory education and subsequently requiring additional theory & clinical education in psych, med-surg, pediatric and/or OB/women's health.

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