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  1. harmonylove28

    I need help making this decision and its urgent!

    Thank you all for this! You all just save me from signing away 6 years of my life for less than my worth. All my applications are in, all doc submitted and just prepping to take text, I even bought a textbook! I discussed this with her she insisted it's not true and she doesn't know where am getting all these wrong information. Am done I will be telling her today am no longer interested. Thank you so much. I live in NC any information on getting in touch with a medical recruiter will be appreciated. I spoke with an airforce recruiter yesterday who told me NC does not have any opening for reserve at this time. However, am open to Navy/Army. Thank you, everyone !
  2. harmonylove28

    I need help making this decision and its urgent!

    Thank you so much. the recruiter told me I have to take asvab to be enlisted even though she knows I have my MSN- She said I can only direct commission with a 110 ASVAB score. She scheduled me to take the test next week Monday, so I can enlist on Friday- but I thought about it and asked her again she insisted that is the only way I can get in. I really prefer airforce but not sure which one has the best benefit, advantage/disadvantages. I feel like she wants to rush me in due to my age but I feel like I have no clue what am getting into. I really want to do this but want to make sure am not doing it the wrong way you know how recruiters can be sometimes!
  3. Thinking Reserve! My first option will be the airforce currently working with a national guard recruiter - am really thinking about it because I turn 35 by the end of this month and was told that is the age limit for national guard per the recruiter is 35. I have student loan am hoping they will assist with not planning on going back tp school though. I currently have my masters in Public health nursing. Do i need to take ASVAB ?
  4. Internist/G.P. MD/NP/PA wanted now and then. Up to $100/hourcompensation: up to $100/hour paid by cheque contract job part-time telecommuting okay Internist/G.P. MD/NP/PA wanted now and then. Up to $100/hour My house. My rules. I will deduct $1 every time you interrupt me. I will deduct $5 every time you infantilize me. Calling me to remind me of an appointment? That's so insulting. Cut it out. I do not have long to live. If that freaks you out, then YOU are the one needing therapy and meditation and yoga and prayer and SSRIs, not me. You will be seeing me here. I am in an assisted living setup I pay for out of savings with a caregiver who cannot cover her mortgage alone. It will be just you and me. Leave your lawyers at home. You're an advisor/advocate. You won't be writing orders and I would not blindly obey them anyway. I will be keeping my insurance out of this and writing you a check. You will work as MY advocate. Stop thinking like a lawyer. The phrase "rule out" is your wanting to run some test to cover your legal ass rather than help my health. Cut it out. I have no tolerance and no budget for medical futility. Interruptions... okay, I expect you to interrupt when I use a word you do not know. Make sure you know these, for example: hypocretin / orexin formication hypothalamus cortisol hyperacusis enantiomer false positive false negative I believe in chemistry-based medicine. Everything else is snake oil. I have no patience for naturopaths or chiropractors or holistic anything. I also do not respect clinicians who know only brand names and are stumped when I mention phenylethylamine or lithium aspartate or even N-acetyl-cystine, all dirt cheap chemicals that CAN do good and that can do great harm in the hands of idiots. Yes, I know how to calculate a mg per kg dosage. I know what time of day to take what, what they must be taken WITH and WITHOUT. It's always way more complicated than how it's explained to me at the pharmacy. I keep my own records and will take notes while we talk. The systems used in American medicine for record-keeping are a farce and that was before EMRs which are worse. Docs record only what they can treat or at least explain. Everything else is dismissed so medical records bear little resemblance to my existence and quality of life. I also take responsibility for drug interactions because your systems truly suck. Preventable physician-assisted murder rates are how many hundred thousand a year? I don't get a prescription filled until I have thoroughly researched what it does and how. Think I cannot tell a good online intelligence source from a bad one? That's insulting. Do not lie to me. Do not overestimate the benefit of some test and dismiss the risk. Even a basic blood panel when the lab reported a positive for meth? What else might cause a false positive and how much **** must I endure in the meantime like getting fired? Everything has a downside. Stop lying about it. I should have sued for that trauma. You have my permission to say "I don't know." You have my permission to say "Let me think on that and ask around and get back to you." You do not have permission to tell me ******** when you do not know an answer. You are not a god with an image to keep up. Work on getting me to trust and even respect you one day. Read up on fatal familial insomnia. This is similar. The two sleep specialists I saw had no doubt that I am staying awake 80-90-100-110 hours straight hallucinating and suicidal in between microsleep bursts. My long-term therapist is a retired intelligence officer who unfortunately knows a horrible amount about the irreversible permanent damage caused by sleep deprivation torture. My other aide is a veteran who saw what PTSD did to his men. Both are paid out of my meager savings. You must be reachable by email. On bad days, I cannot speak but I can make my fingers type. I cannot text. Email me some evidence that you are still capable of empathy. Comment on what I wrote to prove you read it all. Then read it all three more times and write some more. I'll interview the best responders next time I'm capable of wading through the hatemail to find you. Sigh, just shelled out $25 to post this.
  5. harmonylove28

    NCLEX practice questions

    use learning extension either 3 weeks or 5 weeks program they have over a thousand question you have to answer and they will give you a certificate saying you completed it if you request also price very reasonable and affordable good luck.
  6. harmonylove28

    I passed NCLEX 2nd try 2014

  7. harmonylove28

    Help! On what state should i apply without requirinf tofel exam?

    California will do without the exam
  8. Driving a lots of mile and then start working After it all? I did that for 2months and i was sick and dying had to quit the job though it pays well, i will never try it again. Its good for those that can do it but we have to be concious of our health. Even if we feel we are so strong now, the tears and wears is not only on the car we are getting some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. harmonylove28

    New graduate LPNs: any luck finding jobs.

    It took me 7months to get a job in LTC after passing my board it was frustrating but did not give up. I never stop going out and was very close to my computer. Its not easy but we will not give up
  10. Please help i really need a job. If anyone know anywhere around Raleigh, Cary, Apex and Durham. Any information that will help me will be highly appreciated. I had some offer earlier but was joking with them cos i needed 3rd shift but now am ready for any and cant even find one. pleaseeeeee...............
  11. harmonylove28

    Please do you know any LTC facility Raleigh/Cary hiring LPN?

    Thank you so much for your post i will give them a try. Actually am an international nurse trying to pass my RN but fail the first time and decided to try LPN and pass. Everything is different and i have been here for almost 2 years now without practising. So i want to consider myself as someone with no experience. So will realy appreciate any more advise from you.
  12. Please i need someone to tell me about any LTC facility hiring LPN currently in Raleigh/ Cary . I will be happy with any info you can help with.
  13. harmonylove28

    NP discusses MJ on national TV ????

    Apart from the fact that its wrong to say all those things in public or anywhere else. These informations are no longer useful since the person in Question is dead. She was not there when needed so, i wonder she was nursing then and why she's out now.
  14. harmonylove28

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time??

    I have tried it and it works it blocks me, and i found out later that i pass. The way i think about it is , the result is on that same website only that we dont have access to it. so, it is automatically blocked when you are trying to register again when you have passed. I think that is the way the software they are using is been biult.
  15. I did my Nclex PN yesterday. I ran out of time at 171. I just cant stop thinking about it please what is my chance of passing? and how many % of people run out of time and still pass. I had a lots of pharmacology i dont mean 10 or 15 i mean lots of medications am not familiar with they were killing, about 8 calculations but simple ones am prety sure of almost everything i did in that , 5 SATA, lots of infection control and priotization. pls what do you think? i cant just hold my peace