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help needed

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Dear All,

i have looked to your site, and i was excited to contact you to help me with a strategy that i have to implement within a health care organization.

i have just been employed as a Senior Executive of a large private hospital operating. The new CEO is concerned about the long term success of the company and has employed me to investigate and recommend strategies to improve the productivity of the hospital staff and the efficiency of the operation. i have been given a small budget of 3000 $ and three support staff.

The Current Situation

The 200 bed hospital employees around 600 staff from over 35 countries. At present the management - staff relationship is at an all time low. Around the hospital people are generally tense and cold. There also is a strong sense of resentment towards management and you feel the employees are extremely wary of you. The employees are required to clock in and out of work and are punished (by deduction in pay) when they are late. There is almost no commitment to the organisation and in general most employees are unsatisfied with their jobs. Turnover has become so bad that management has directed the HRM department to collect the passports of all employees - employees who do not hand in their passports are to be dismissed. In addition there are problems of absenteeism and there have been incidents of fighting and arguing between staff of different nationalities. There have also been reports of employees defacing company equipment. i have been told there is little trust between management and staff. Interestingly the hospital is very busy and patients report relatively high levels of satisfaction with the hospital even though the employees seem upset.

my task is to develop a strategy which i believe will improve the performance of the hospital.

so could you please help me to set the outline of the strategy,as i'm new in that field.

i would appreicate if you could suggest or give any strategy that could be applied in the current situation in attempting to improve the performance of this organization and it would be great if it can supported by any theories.

thanking you and awaiting for your corresopondance as soon as possible.

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Whew! - You have a big job! I would first institute a leeway for clocking in/out - at our hospital - its 6 minutes. Then, I would consider the culture that your employees come from. Are you in the US? There are many diversity programs available. I would start the program from the top and work down. Also, when the managers walk the halls - do they smile and greet everyone? What about knowing who works where? This is very important and places value on the individual. Good luck.

I personally wouldn't leave my passport with anyone but a trusted friend or family member...certainly not an employer! That's MY IDENTITY. Are you in the US? And is this accepted practice? I can't imagine that this is going to foster any trust between employees and employer.

$3,000? That doesn't seem to be much of a budgetable amount. Are support staff under a different budget? Is this a one-time, annual budget?



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Maybe I'm way off base, but this sounds like a scenario/essay question out of a textbook. I saw a similar question in my management book. Forgive me if I'm wrong, Doody, I mean no disresepct.

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First of all welcome to allnurses.

2nd. I think you need to be out there asking the management and employees what they would like to see being changed. That might give you an ideal of where to go.

first thing I would do is get the book "The Essence of Drucker" who is the Father of leadership. That book is totally awesome and if u go with his ideas, you won't go wrong. Good Luck.

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