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Help with inventory


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Hi everyone! I’ll be starting as a High School Nurse this fall and was asked to go in to check inventory and see if anything needs to be ordered. This is gonna be my first year as a school nurse so I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be needing. Any tips? 😊

NutmeggeRN, BSN

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Bandaids, all sizes

Non-sterile gauze pads and wrap


ace wraps

tongue depressors, cotton tip applicators


BP cuff stethoscope, otoscope, pulse ox, glucometer and test strips

OTCs as allowed by your state and local rules

nitrile gloves, face masks and shields, eye cover

Patience, lots of patience!! A sense of humor! and above all , saltines!


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Cheapie baggies for things you may hand out.

What are you doing for cold/ice packs? BIG commodity for you guys.

Not a school nurse here, but I read your threads like gospel! Just trying to help.

JenTheSchoolRN, BSN, RN

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Small ice maker - seriously, the best $85 I ever spent out of my budget.

Plastic baggies of all sizes; I use this all the time. I love the ones that have a label on them I can write on in sharpie. 

You are a HS nurse, so don't forget feminine supplies for those with vaginas. I also stock extra underwear (the cheap, one time use hospital ones - better than nothing if needed!), deodorant, and mini tooth brushes and toothpaste. 

Oh, and condoms. But that depends on your school. I'm also the sex education teacher and we do give condoms out upon request to HS students so I stock them. I also have pregnancy tests. 

And double check your PPE! Make sure you have what you need for you. Bare minimum is surgical masks, nitrile gloves, face shields and/or goggles, gowns (disposable or reusable). If you get some KN95s, great. N95s require a fit test, which I'm struggling with a bit to arrange, so my back up is KN95 with a shield. 

BettyGirard, BSN

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Yep, I get the Ziploc brand bags hat have the white spot to write things on.    These can also be used as ice packs.   I got the "gallon" size to send home soiled clothing as well (well back in my elementary school days).

I also have some plastic "shoe box" stuff that I keep student stuff such as inhalers, etc... in.

First aid tape solves lots of problems.


SchoolNurseK, BSN, RN

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I started as a HS school nurse last year and I added quite a bit to our basic inventory:

save-a-tooth kits, abd pads, silk tape, finger splints, medical scissors, 3 sets of VS equipment (clinic, go bag, isolation room), tweezers, saline wound cleanser, little orthodontic brushes that can get between brackets on braces.

HS is so fun and I think you will love it!  We have some "all-in" super athletic kids so I get a lot of ankles, fingers, etc... I have a run on feminine hygiene items fairly often as well, so make sure you are stocked up on pads (our district doesn't allow me to hand out tampons).  

Good luck!!

JenTheSchoolRN, BSN, RN

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2 hours ago, SchoolNurseK said:

I have a run on feminine hygiene items fairly often as well, so make sure you are stocked up on pads (our district doesn't allow me to hand out tampons).  

Interesting there! I can give both out, but I know that some religions don't allow for the use of tampons, so when I offer pad or tampon, I also ask if the student has used a tampon before. 

But even in the HS population, I find the majority of people with vaginas still ask for pads. I order pads every year in bulk, tampons usually every other year. 


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An office eyeglass repair kit. The kind with the itty bitty screw driver and extra temple pins/screws.