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Help, I need to become an RN fast

I am a 21 year old community college student. I have about 55 units and am working on the prerequisites for a nursing program. I have not decided what school or path I want to take in order to become an RN. I wish to do so as quickly as possible. I don't care how much it costs; this is very important to me. I am thinking about getting a BSN but if I can get just an RN quickly I can continue my education while working. If anyone has any advice it is appreciated. I have talked to many schools but most of them were not very helpful.


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It's a long, hard road. You can't actually put a time frame to this and it's gonna happen 100% perfectly as things may happen along the way that you may not expect. Remember, you may finish your degree as fast as you can, but actually practicing it and getting a hospital job after graduation may be a challenge. So be warned. Just start by working on what you can now.

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Why exactly do you need to become an RN as fast as possible?

There is a moral in the story of the tortoise and the hare......

to answer the question, the fastest way is to apply to a associate degree in nursing program that admits based on grades/ test scores to avoid the 2-5 year waiting lists that exist in some places. you will usually need a 3.5+ gpa and top notch test scores at most schools to get right in and then you are looking at 2 years to go through the program. there are some accelerated programs that do it in a year but most would advise against this, since you risk failing out and no chance to reenter.

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You are pretty much going to be stuck taking some prerequisites for most schools before you can apply. I know of one school in my area that accepts students without prerequisites into the program and will teach the prerequisites within their class schedule. However, that program is 3 years long, so definitely not the quickest route. Find out which schools offer which programs in your area and which prerequisites they require. I would advise against overloading yourself when you take prerequisites since your GPA in these classes will have a big impact on your admission decision, especially if you apply at competitive-entry schools (schools that do not have waitlists).

Overall though, there is currently no "quick way" (or at least no easy one) to get your RN degree. Have you considered getting a LVN degree first and then pursuing a bridge program (LVN to RN for example)?

Looks like I'm in a similar situation, Taylor. I'm a college student that hasn't decided what road I should take in my pursuit to becoming an RN. I have finished my prerequisites that satisfy most of my prerequisites from CSUs and junior colleges, but am having a hard time looking for schools that will accept my 3.0 GPA in SoCal. Just as One1 suggested, it might not be a bad idea considering becoming an LVN first and then becoming an RN, especially if your GPA is lower than 3.5.


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I guess I am confused. You said you already have 55 credits? That is most of an ADN program. Why are you not a nurse already? What kind of classes are you taking? If your goal is to become an RN as fast as possible why did you choose to go to a school that requires prerequisites?

The fastest way I know to become an RN, assuming you don't already have a college degree, is to choose a community college that A. does not require prerequisites and B. does not have a waiting list. Some of Wisconsin's technical colleges do not have waiting lists and none of them require prerequisites.


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