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Help!!! I need advise

Hello I'm currently taking classes to become a RN. My dream is to become a nurse but 10 years ago I was arrested. I was arrested for assault and battery and the charged was reduce to a misdemeanor of obstructing an officer. Let me start off by saying I did not assault anyone but I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Since then I made sure to never get into trouble or hang with others that are not on the right path. My question is will this prevent me from getting a license as a RN?

I would hate to continue with school and not be able to get my license. Any advise would be appreciated.

Hire an attorney to get those charges dropped.

I too was arrested two years ago and ended up being charged with "assault" and a few other charges. The assault charge was dropped and I pled guilty to obstructing and misconduct at an emergency. When it came time to take my boards. The obn said that they needed all copies of the charges and an explanation of what happened. I briefly explained myself In a letter and was able to sit for my boards. If the charges got dropped to a lesser charge, no need to worry about it. You may justnhavento explain yourself before you take your boards. That is all. You were charged, not convicted. Anyone can be charged with a lot out there...I can accuse you of murder and once it's proven you didn't do it....the charges get dropped. But it will always be on your record that you were charged and accused....but never convicted. Sucks how the system work but it is what it is

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To be honest, the only one who can accurately answer that question is your state BON. You could always drop the BON an anonymous e-mail and ask.

For most criminal charges, a lot of BONs will evaluate applicants on a case-by-case basis. Also, the guidelines that each state's BON goes by can vary widely, so what is not a problem for one state may be a big problem for another. When applying for the NCLEX, you'll have to explain what happened as well as provide any supporting evidence (e.g., completion of any programs that were voluntary or court ordered, recommendations, etc.) and then it's up to them.

Also talk to a lawyer to clarify if you were convicted or not and to see if it can be expunged. If you were just arrested but the charges were dropped (not just reduced, but entirely dropped), then you weren't convicted. If you were convicted (i.e., you pled or were found guilty), then you'll have to answer "Yes" to the conviction question.

Best of luck.

Hi Zadia,

thanks for the advise. they convicted me of a lesser charge obstructing an office. I didnt assult anyone, wrong place, wrong time with the wrong person. I was told i shouldnt have a problem because it was so long ago (over 10 years) and i havent been in trouble since.

How was your Job Search? where you able to get a job? was it hard to find a job?

I just passed my PN boards last week so the job hunting starts tomorrow. It sucks being at the wrong place wrong time.i know a few nurses that works at a local hospital who says they will put a good word in for me, I will let you know how things goes once I am hired somewhere...


congrats on passing your PN and I'm sure you will find a job, i wish you noting but the best.

let me know how it goes.


Im in ohio and have a similar situation. I was intamitly involved with a corrections officer broke it off and he charged me with misdemeanour asisaullt.! I have been granted a licnese to practice in Ohio but I have restrictions and am finding it hard to find work. Hang in there good luck.

Sorry Loveyolovehim... I lied to you, unintentionally!!! I took my PN boards on 11/21, thanksgiving week... Let me start out by saying before I took my boards, the board requested a copy of all the charges that I ever had and an explanation of what happened in each situation. I briefly explained myself for each charge and got straight to the point. Once the compliance unit received my information, a few weeks later, I was granted permission to take my PN board, I thought everything was fine until last week. After taking my boards, I came home that day n got the good pop up from Pearson. 3 days later, I went and paid the $7.95 charge to get my early "unofficial" results( that was the day before thanksgiving) the next day my number still didn't appear on the OBN website. I tried to tell myself that because it was a holiday week, maybe they were behind because of vacations... That Monday it still wasn't online, I got on theOBN website and seen that it said results were supposed to be posted 3 days after taking the test. I emailed the compliance unit bc that was the only email address I had by the person hat contacted m before and asked the what the problem was. They forwarded my email to a LAWYER for the board and sent me a reply that stated to contact their lawyer. Now I found out that there is actually a HOLD on my license and its going to be RESTRICTED! The lawyer is preparing a "draft" for my case and will send it to me in two to three weeks, I will then have to sign the draft afpgreeing w the board for the restrictions. The board meets every other month and their next meeting is in Mid January. The Board will then review my case, I will be put on probation for a year. I will have to take random drug screenings, cannot do home health, cannot be a charge nurse , etc for that year. I don't remember what all the lawyer said, I will know everything in a week or so...as far as my charges? I was convicted of obstructing official business, misconduct at an emergency, disorderly conduct. I was ACCUSED OF assault, and resisting arrest. Those charges were dropped. I don't understand the random drug screens but it is what it is. I've never done drugs one day in my life. I wasn't charge for any drug related issues so I am not sure.

All I'm saying to you is that, I thought I was all set and started job hunting, I even talked to one of the higher ups at a local hospital who said she would put a word in for me ( I was confident I'd get a job bc of her) an LPN getting a hospital job in my town is a Huge deal since they got rid of most of their LPNs. I'm sorry if I got your hopes up! But that's exactly whats happening to me right now, I say go for you RN, keep in mind that you might have to deal with some problems and extra paper work before asking your NCLEX, after passing it and when you are granted your license. If only we could all go back and not be at those places that day and time.

Good luck to you Loveyolovehim

Yes exactly my situation minus the drug screening and the obstuctiong justice. I only have on my background a misdemeanour assault that I didn even do but because I was in an affair with a officer of the law and broke it off and told his wife the truth he filed the charges on me after he shoved me off his porch. . Yes if I could go back I would but I can't. Jobs are hard to find as is let alone with this situation.

@mismac, thanks and good luck to you as well, and keep me posted

@ Zadia thanks for the update. I hate you have to go through that. yes If I could go back in time I would but on a postivite note the bad situation made me stonger and not to be so quick to call people my friends. that was my fear, going through Nursing school and have to go through this long process to get my license when my Situation happen over 10 years ago and I havent been in trouble since. I wish you the best, stay positive! and please keep me posted!;)

Thought I should let you know, as of 1/31/2012 I officially received a license number.. On the board website it says probation with restrictions. I got a job offer yesterday and accepted it. Tomorrow I go in for finger printing...pretty nervous about that!!!! I told the DON about my case a little bit n she seemed ok with it. Hope all goes well tmrw and I can start my job Monday! My license is under restriction for a minimum of one year.... There's a few continuing education classes I have to take and a couple other things. I was way stressed out about it all before but starting to eel a little relief. Im just happy I was able to get a job 15 days after having my license!!! Let's hope tomorrow goes well! Did you start school yet?!

Congrats Zadia on your license and your job :D. I'm sure everything will continue to go well for you. I will start school in Nov. please keep me posted and agian congrats. I'm so happy for you and this will motivate me even more. I wish nothing but the best for you.


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