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  1. Unless your 50 take your time. And be sure they transfer every school has their own rules... remember it's still a business.
  2. Skybang6

    A bit frustrated in school/nursing career

    Hey Rookie :) . I'm 34 and I'm still trying to figure it out. A smart person once sang "Age ain't nothing but a number". Take it slow do all your pre-requirements. Like that other person said if you can volunteer do it. But above all pick the right institution they are not all the same. Do your homework and do it well. Check, double check then check it again. The critical thinking comes with reading the material the "ah ha" moment does come and if it doesn't well it doesn't. Listen, your young you have nothing but time. Know that nursing school is one of the most stressful situations you can put yourself in i.e. I have no hair. Don't do it unless you are willing to sacrifice your friends, family, social life, tv, movies, you get it. I wish you the best of luck.
  3. Skybang6

    Stay away from BECKER COLLEGE

    Why you thinking about going? If you are think real hard about it.
  4. Skybang6

    Stay away from BECKER COLLEGE

    Just a heads up...Get on a waiting list go to another state but don't go to Becker. And I am passing... just trying to save you thousands of dollars.
  5. Not passing judgement just trying to be a little positive in a highly stressful atmosphere like nursing school. We could all jump out of our skin and strangle someone. I just like to preach what I practice. It's too bad we are all too busy for a glass of vino because then we wouldn't give a crap.
  6. Skybang6

    ever have an instructor just melt down in class?

    Funny how you feel bad about doing something about YOUR EDUCATION that YOU PAY FOR. Really I don't need to know circumstances your a paying customer period. If I told my clients how the shiznit was going to go down and how and why they would fire me. Don't ever feel bad about standing up for yourself. This chain of command is BS it's for work related BS. So when you get a job and are getting a pay check then yeah you go through the chain. But in school your paying you are the client. These professors are out of control with power. They all need to simmer down because at the end of the day they are getting paid to teach. If the professor was my employee she would have a pink slip period. You don't yell at customers.
  7. Thank you Hygiene Queen for that fantastic advise. I had no idea they were all venting before you enlightened me. Your gonna be a wonderful caregiver. I will say that most nurses that I have encountered in my life have had that same wonderful outlook on looking at the bad as often as they can. So your gonna fit right in.
  8. Skybang6

    When researching your school of choice.....

    It's the school not the class. The program it self is not what I had hoped it would be. Even our silent test reviews are crazy. How are we suppose to know how to fix our mistakes if they don't even let us see our test.... weird. I never sat at a review without the actually test in front of you. I get it that you can't take it home because they are too lazy to make up new questions. It just seems a bit odd. I've already applied to another program. God willing i'll get it.
  9. 34 over here.
  10. Skybang6

    When researching your school of choice.....

    Well first off... How do you like this program? Seems so silly and basic but wow what a difference it would of made. I'm only in Fundies but it would of saved me a lot of headaches. The program I am in stinks. It's too bad I learned it now. I just applied to another school but now that means waiting list, and more time.
  11. Skybang6

    Help!!! I need advise

    Hire an attorney to get those charges dropped.
  12. Wow seems like no one likes to share their scores... I am a little different.. 1. Yes I will help you study even if I'm not an A student. 2. I don't mind telling you my score because good or bad I guess I earned it. If your gonna ask I'm gonna tell you. 3. I'm too old to care about anything except passing. 4. I know stuff happens you can copy my answers but remember you probably should look them up when you get time. It did take me a while but who cares. 5. If all of us were helpful to one another and a little more tolerant to the differences in personalities wouldn't the world just seem like a better place. 6. If you can't deal with your fellow students have fun with your patients.
  13. Skybang6

    Have you made good friends while in Nursing School?

    No... seems like everyone is very competitive... it's really too bad.
  14. Make sure you question students that are in the program. I've made a terrible and expensive mistake please don't let it happen to you.