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When researching your school of choice.....

Skybang6 Skybang6 (New) New

Make sure you question students that are in the program. I've made a terrible and expensive mistake please don't let it happen to you.

Now I am curious. What do you wish you would have asked?

Well first off... How do you like this program? Seems so silly and basic but wow what a difference it would of made. I'm only in Fundies but it would of saved me a lot of headaches. The program I am in stinks. It's too bad I learned it now. I just applied to another school but now that means waiting list, and more time.

What about yrour program is so bad? Ive read alot of posts here and alot of people saying fundamentals is terribly boring.

It's the school not the class. The program it self is not what I had hoped it would be. Even our silent test reviews are crazy. How are we suppose to know how to fix our mistakes if they don't even let us see our test.... weird. I never sat at a review without the actually test in front of you. I get it that you can't take it home because they are too lazy to make up new questions. It just seems a bit odd. I've already applied to another program. God willing i'll get it.


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