Help I am loosing my mind

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I am really frustrated with my nursing career. So much so that I decided to go abck to school and study something unrelated to the medical field.

I ahve been bullied, harrassed, given harder assingments then others and forced to work with nurses that are not willing to out in their fair share of work.

I am so sick of nursing and the unprofessionalism that it has to offer. I am ready to go back to waiting tables....... I was treated better then

Can anyone offer any advice on how to cope with this behavior until I am able to finish my new degree plan?????

Help I am loosing my mind


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Sorry to hear of your troubles. Have you looked into working someplace else? Not all nurses are so horible. Good luck in whatever you decide. It's good to make changes if you aren't happy rather than maintaining the status quo.

What is it about nursing that led you there in the first place? How much passion for nursing and the hard work that comes with it was there in the beginning? What changed?




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why is it that the nurse always needs to find a new job

or that the problem is me

I love nursing but I am not going to spend my life being abused and treated as subhuman


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How long have you been a nurse? If it has been a long time, you know how folks can be sometimes, unfortunately! On the other hand, if you are new to the profession, the group that you work with (I hesitate to say PEOPLE) may be trying you, to see what you are made of.

I definitely would look into transferring to another department, another facility, an office, or doing agency work.

One other thing, and please don't take this as a slam-do you have anything else going on in your life that may be complicating things for you at work? For instance, are you cranky or ill-tempered, or are you expecting too much help from others, too often?

You didn't say what your new field is, so I don't know how difficult your course of study is. Before you take another heavy burden on, try to pull back and get an objective look at what you are planning to do-how long it will take, how much it will cost, what the end result might be, and how it will impact your life. Sometimes the decisions we make under stress are not the best ones.

Also, as a person who has been there, you may want to consider seeing your PMD for a Rx for an antidepressant. It sure might make a difference in your life.

Good luck to you, and keep us posted.;)


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Gee WHiz!

I can honestly say I can empathize with you! I have seen more than my fair share of nurses that just don't cut it. I have come to the conclusion that they are what I refer to as "welfare reform nurses" By this I mean that, they went into nursing for a paycheck that would be greater than their welfare check. I have seen absolute Lazyness to the point of Patient endangerment. In fact, I have been working with a supervisor....who has a real hard time getting off her big fat glueteous MAXIMUS except to go shovel her face and smoke....then at shift change....she is suddenly real busy charting and collects ton's of OT.

She...we shall call her....the toothless wonder...(yes she has no teeth).. has attempted to bully me, and attempted to give me orders and pretend to be in charge....I scoff at her and remind her that I know her patients better than she does....I am in charge of my wing,,,sit back down and eat something. I'll hold your hand if something should arise. She likes to say to me, in an authoritarian voice and always infront of others....YOU did do your treatments didn't you? Very condescending....I look at her and reply,,,,if you spent anytime in the building other than in the would know.....don't ever ask me again if my work has been done.....I am going to tell you one time...YES...that should hold you for the next six weeks I signed myself up here for.

You see,, the beauty of this is....I am agency. I don't have to deal with her crap. The facility I am working at with the toothless wonder is not my employer, I need not feel the strains of the innergoings on. I can speak my mind and feel no wrath. I have no stress in that area. I go in care for my patients.....and I am satisfied. The other staff there I think appreciate my inability to keep my mouth shut. Toothless wonder however does not:) . Of course she is smart enough not to complain about my mouth knowing the damage I could cause to her. If I spoke to management she would be replaced.

Oh and please don't think I speak to her this way without warrent. It is always well desereved when my mouth opens. I have usually taken a few hits from her before my lip starts. You would think she would learn.

I highly suggest agency If you are feeling to much stress with your work environment. I know it isn't an easy decision and it is something that I swore I would never do, but I did and I am thankful in many ways. My stress level has been cut in half. I do plan to at some point go back to being a regular staff nurse because I do enjoy the stability. I needed the break.

OH, and if nursing is what you love in your heart, try going agency, you may find the place that is out there where nurses don't pick each other apart....they are out there.....honest! I have seen them.


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I am not new

six years

I have six years in

and it is not anything personal in my life

this is precisly the reason that I want out

nurses do not support each other

they jsut point out possible defects in the other person

most nurses that I have come in contact with are vultures

and I have changed jobs several times

takes the joy out of the job

This is the reson we do not get the salary, respect and reconigition that we deserve..... we pick each other apart


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I think you hit the nail on the head, we do tend to pick each other apart, I agree with you there.

I don't think it is you......infact I know that it isn't.

I have told myself over and over again, the nurse that must continually bash another nurse or nurses is merely afraid her weaknesses in her feild will be exposed.

I love nothing more than to work with a nurse who knows more than me, the opportunity to learn is a wonderful thing, to pretend you know is a crime.

good luck to you nsmith_rn, with whatever your decisions are, I hope you stay with nursing because it sounds to me that you have the right frame of mind and love for the job.....not the politics.....thats what we need.


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I apperciate the encouragement

I am just trying to survive and keep my patients healthy but it is hard to do in an enviorment where your tormented, riddiculled and constantly told how inept you are

My goals are large and they do include nursing but not as a full time job.......

I would also like to tak part in some nurse advocatcy

I think that a happy nurse equates a healthier patient.....



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the tooth story had me rolling

I call the one that really torments me

The evil worn out B&*#h

I do say that no where at work or even to anyone at work


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lol,,, the evil one!

Ya know, one of my favorite lines of all time comes from the movie terms of endearment....Jack and Shirly are having lunch and Jack orders a bottle of liquor for them to drink, she asks him why she would drink so heavily in the middle of the day...he replies " because I suspect it will take a hell of a lot of alchohol to kill the bug up your ass!" I loved that,, reminds me of alot of people I know!

My other fav quote I stole from another nurse. She once said "I'd like to see things from your point of view, but I cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!" I howl over that too!

Sounds to me ya got it all figured out! I am wishing ya the best of luck....keep your chin up in the mean time, and don't be afraid to dish it out, tell it like it is!


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If you were a new grad or only been out of school for a short time I would give you all the suggestions the others already have, however, you've been working at this for 6 years and from your post it seems you find little fulfillment or joy.

I think with that in mind you are correct in wanting to look for new options, you need to find your "nitch", someplace where you can feel both fulfilled and happy. Of course as a long term nurse I wish that everyone could be as happy in their work as I do, but I know that's not possible. Heck I'd be miserable as all get out if you tried to put me in a situation where I have to teach or take care of lots of kids, I could never be a teacher but we need them just as bad.

I wish you luck in your search.

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