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HELP....I dont know what to do

Hello, I have a big weight on my shoulders. I need some insight if that is at all possible. I graduate in May of 2006 and I hope to sit for the NCLEX-RN at that time but my problem is... I was arrested quite a few times when I was younger. I am 29 years old now but between the ages of 16-19 I got into some trouble, mostly fighting. I had a criminal background check ran on me at a past employers office and it pulled up two assult charges (misdemeanors) from my teenage years. I will willingly admit that there was a time in my life that I was not of "good moral character" but today things are much different. I am scared to death that I will have worked this hard and come this far only to be denied the one thing I want most in life, to be a nurse. Does anyone out there know of any instances in which someone in my situation was either successful or not in convincing the board to allow them to sit for the NCLEX? I am able to sit for the LPN exam and I want to just so that I can deal with this now instead of in May but I am worried sick. Any advice would be great. I dont know if it matters but I live in New York State. Thanks!!

Contact your local BON, each state is different.

I would definately call your state BON and find out what their process is. The WV BON gave a lecture in our ethics class and talked some about what you did in the past may come back to haunt you. One of the things they talked about was to be honest on your application because if they found out later you lied you could get in big trouble. They said if you had things in the past, your application would be looked at individually and it would take longer for you to take the NCLEX while they processed your application. Of course everyone makes mistakes and they know that.

Good Luck

Only the BON can make a valid decision in your case. Best suggestion is to contact them directly, they are the only ones that can make a final decision and they review each case on an individual basis. What any of us tells you will have no bearing on what the BON tells you.

Good luck.

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Shan -- The NY state RN app requires that you reveal to the BON if you were ever found guilty of a misdemeanor. It's not perfectly clear from your post whether you were only charged or if, in fact, you were convicted. If the latter, you'll need to be prepared to inform the Board of the details involving the applicable crimes. How they'll view that information is to be determined.

But you may also wanna start thinking about how to best present any mitigating factors and subsequent achievements / relevant good acts and other considerations that would be important to the folks on the BON securing an accurate composite of all that you are now, versus what you did when you were a teen.

Good luck!

You'll need to write a letter to the BON explaining how you've grown and matured. The main thing is to be upfront about your past. Be honest and you should have no problem.

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in georgia, as long as it's not a felony, your alright


I did plead guilty to lesser misdemeanor charges because I did not realize the concequences that would follow. I will have no problems proving my "good moral character" at this point in my life I just want to be reassured that I will have that opportunity. With the stress that comes with being not only a full time nursing student but also a mother of three I feel overwelmed with this new stressor. I truly appreciate all of your advice and I think you for making my burden a little lighter tonight. Have a happy holiday everyone.

Havin' A Party!, ASN, RN

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... Have a happy holiday everyone.

Same to you!

And please keep us posted on how things go for you.

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