HELP!! I was accepted to 2 LVN programs!

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Help! I was accepted to 2 LVN programs. I dont know which one to go to. Does anybody know which is better, Hill College in Hillsboro, or McLennan in Waco?? Hillsboro is about 30 miles closer than McLennan for me, but I do not want to base my decision on that. Does anyone know what I should do? Any comments or suggestions? :confused: THANKS!!!


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I can't tell you either way, as I don't know about those two programs. I would suggest that you physically write down all of the pros and cons of each and that should help you in making a decision. Also, I hope that others have experience with both and could help you make the final decision.


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Dear kdgiles:

I was accepted to an LVN program which had several campuses. I could of gone to a campus that was 8-10 miles away, or a campus that was about 28 miles away. I based my decision on word of mouth from students at the different campuses, plus the closer campus was just starting their LVN program this year. The other campus has a great pass rate, so I didn't choose the closer campus. Also, do you have any idea what clinical sites they've chosen for each program? That might help you decide if you know anything about those hospitals. Good Luck in your endeavors.


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I know this reply is a little late, but check with the BNE website, it will give you the pass rates of the programs - maybe that will help you make your decision!

Good luck!


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Toss a coin and note your reaction to the results. Works every time. :D

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