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So Thursday I received the new that has completely turned my world upside down. I was unsuccessful in completing my final skills exam for my lab. I am in the middle of my first semester of the program and I am now dismissed from the program :crying2: I did not say stop after I was finished with my blood pressure reading and therefore ran out of the alloted time to complete the entire scenario. There are 3 other ladies who the same thing happened to them and they are also gone. I am completely devistated over this. I have spent 3 year and countless thousands of dollars just to get into the program and now 30 minutes has ended it all. What do i do now? Our program has a not repeat policy. I missed the withdrawal date by 4 days. My only choice is to seek out another RN program, or do a LPN program and then return for their LPN to RN accelerated program. Either way I have to wait until the fall semester of 2011 to enter into either program, not to mention spend more money and time away from my son.

There is no appeal process, but I want to try. I have an A in the course, until now I have a W. I completed all my skills check offs with no repeats and exceptional remarks from my professors. I even recieved countless remarks that I will make an excellent nurse,and I have amazing bed side manner from my professors.

What do I do now?:confused:

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What a horrible situation. :( I don't have any advice for you but **hugs**

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I would talk to the dean, and talk to the teacher. ask them what your options are. im sorry that sounds very unfair.

It is extremely unfair. I am going to write an appeal letter to the dean of the department ( health science) which so happens to be the dean of the nursing program :( so I know i wont get anywhere with that. Then im moving up to the Dean of science and so on. Hoping someone can help us. I could except it more if I was struggling and it was apparent i wasnt going to pass because i could not perform well. But its the complete other end.

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Wow that sounds really harsh. Our skills labs we get 3 tries to pass. I have never even heard of anyone not passing the third try. If you don't pass the second one they work with you until you get it so you have it down by the third try. Plus it was not something that would even endanger the patient. Man I don't really know what to say but I hope you are able to find some sort of resolution. :(

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It doesn't sound like a very good school to me. Any school that would flunk a person out with no chance of repeating over something so minor sounds like a terrible place. Maybe this school is not worth attending.

How many people who enter the program actually graduate?

Im not sure how many actually graduate. They accepted 60, I was 1 of 4 alternates that were taken after 4 people declined admission. Now we are down to 52, then now minus 3 who were dismissed.

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My school often screws the nursing students. The only thing they usually respond to is lawsuits. Many students have sued the school and gotten reinstated into the program. Also, in result of these lawsuits, the nursing program usually makes permanent changes to the unfair grading policies to make them more just for future students.

If you don't want to go the above route, I would find a different program (totally easier said then done).

I can't believe programs do these types of things to students. Especially to ones like you who have A's and are excellent with patients. It really is their loss and I think they suck. My hugs go out to you!

Oh my, I'm so sorry this happened to you. I hope you get the answers you're looking for.

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I am in the middle of my first semester of the program and I am now dismissed from the program :crying2: I did not say stop after I was finished with my blood pressure reading and therefore ran out of the alloted time to complete the entire scenario.

Running people out on a rail for VS measurement? Seriously: what school is this?

My program has a remediation policy and many good students have had to remediate. Heck if they kicked everyone out for running out of time during our first semester Lab Synthesis, half the class would have got flushed.

This is the program at TNCC in Va. I love my professors and I think its a great program. It just has some policy's that are not beneficial to the students.

I am appealing the decision, first my grade and then the policy. I have the guidance of the Dean of Science with me so hopefully she can help me.

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Sounds a little harsh to me! My skills check off was P/F, but I'm in a LPN/BSN program. I know that the "regular" students had 2 attempts in their skills check offs.

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