Hi. I took my NCLEX RN last Jan 28 and I found out in CTS after 24hrs that I failed. It's been a very very depressing moment for me, because I studied for almost 2 months and it didn't paid off what I'm expecting for.

But, I still need to move on with life and accept the fact that I really failed my 1st attempt. Now, i'm planning to retake the exam, but I don't have any idea how to move forward, what should I do next? Can you guys help me with the process of retaking the exam for Illinois?

You'll response will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance and God bless you all!

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Failure isn't the end of the world. What you should do is wait for the Candidate Performance Report (CPR) to arrive in the mail. It will tell you what areas of nursing (that the NCLEX tests) that you weren't strong enough in to pass. It won't tell you what exact content areas you need to study, nor will it go over exact test questions, but you should get a pretty good idea what you will need to work on.

In the mean time, you should probably just work on general content study and how to pick apart NCLEX style questions. Remember, there can be more than one "correct" answer but only one (usually) is just "more correct" than the others and a combination of knowing general knowledge, reading the question a 2nd time, and reviewing the answers can usually make the correct answer stand out enough so that you know which one to select.

Good luck!


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Hi and sorry to hear that. I also didn't pass on my first try but passed on my second attempt so there is definitely a chance that you can also. What materials/resources did you use to study for your first attempt? Look at your CPR and see what areas you need to focus on.

As for the process for retaking in IL, you have to reapply on the continental testing site again and I believe that is about $50-75? I don't remember the cost for that and you also have to reapply on the NCSBN pearson vue site which is $200. You should hear in about 2-4 weeks with an ATT and then you can schedule to retake it.

Good luck! I'll leave you with this quote that actually helped motivate me during my time, "Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall"


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Thank you so much akulahawkRN! I appreaciate it a lot. For now, i'm thinking of changing my learning strategy and focus more on my content cause I think i'm not well equipped with it. Thanks again. God bless!


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Thank you very much kimmy20. I used Saunders 5e (book and CD), PDA LaCharity 3e and random questions in FB, internet etc. I think it's not enough. How about you? What are the resources that you used in your 2nd attempt? How long will going to take before I will receive the CPR? Thanks. Are you familiar with the 45-90 days waiting period before you retake it? is it 45 days before you schedule the exam or even not 45 days i can schedule the exam? I.m sorry for so many questions. Thanks a lot.

Now, that quote will be my mantra everyday! Thanks! God bless you!

After I failed, I signed up to take the Kaplan anywhere class and I feel that it helped me out a lot. It also gives you tons of resources like their qTrainers and qBank. I passed on the 2nd attempt. I would highly recommend it. It taught me how to tackle questions better.


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i am planning to take nclex exam plz tell wat resources should i access


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I passed the test the third time. first time I used hurst review and 2nd time I just used the remedial class from hurst and just reviewed my content because I thought I was really weak on it !!

However, I used Kaplan the third time and I passed, I think doing the class online, the questions and learning their strategy WILL help!! I still seriously had no idea how I passed this third time around but I did and I have to say Kaplan help.

My advice is if you can, use hurst and kaplan together and just take your time studying! It will happen in time !!!


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Hi I know this thread was 2yrs ago but i want to ask how did you reapply for the nclex IL? Are you international graduate or US? Where do you get the form?? Do you need a letter from CTS about failed exam?


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After i received the letter that I didnt pass, I waited for 3 days and reapply via continental testing and then apply for another ATT. I got my ATT a day after I applied. Btw, i'm an international graduate. Goodluck to you!

Failure is not an option. Think about all the time and resources you spent getting through nursing school. This is just a small bump in your career! Just because you can't pass the first time around doesn't make you an inadequate nurse. Never give up! You only fail when you stop trying. Wake up every morning, make your bed first, then look in the mirror and look at yourself and says "I will pass the NCLEX!". Do that every day until you take the NCLEX the second time. You GOT this!