help me decide: AFP med ctr (vluna) or NKTI for training


Hi please help me decide on this:

i have two upcoming trainings, i have to choose what to attend:

AFP Med center (vluna hospital) for 6 MONTHS as a NURSE TRAINEE (No compensation) Free Training (no fee)

> after 6mos > no employment possibility > pure training only


NKTI > 4 MONTHS as a NURSE TRAINEE (No compensation) Php 7,500 trainig fee

> possible for employment after training

please help me decide. i need it right now.

thank you.


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I'll choose the NKTI Training even with pay. You should think of your end goal. If your goal is to have a job then you'll choose NKTI. If you choose to spend few money but no possibility of employment then you should choose AFPMC. Another thing is that NKTI is more specialized than AFPMC. So now its your time to decide.

pizzalady, RN

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hello is it true that those garnered 80% and above rating can only apply to nkti?thanks.please let me know.i'd like to apply there too but i just have 78% rating. i suggest you go to nkti..:)


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just want to ask also if they are still open for training in NKTI. do they still accepyt applicants?

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i tried applying in NKTI last Sept 2007. I have been working in KSA for almost 6 years and when I went there at NKTI, the guy I spoke to at HR, did not even read through my CV. He just looked at it, ask me silly questions (eg. have you worked in the PH before? is this a hospital?) and then said I should have a valid IV therapy license. I was very disappointed to know that although I am a well experienced nurse (ICU background, ACLS and BLS certified), I was not even entertained well. It made me think, what about those new nursing grads who are looking for hospital work? It's a very sad fact that here in the PH, unless you have a good backer in the place you are eyeing for, then there's no hope for you. :crying2:

I am presently working as a company nurse here in Makati. Not at all fulfilling as hospital work but while waiting for my papers in another country to be processed, I opted to apply here. Pay is almost the same (if not better) as government hospital and workload is not much.

I do still miss hospital work and if there will be an opportunity for me to come back to bedside nursing, I will go back in a heart beat.


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thanks for the replies..uhmm..i finally decided.. i chose AFP! its because its a 1300bedcapacity tertiary hospital, and it offers 6mos specialty unit training, mine was either er or there screening process was so comprehensive, thre was a total of 2000 who took the screening exam, and they only got the 95 with the passing score.. thanks for the replies.. =)


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i tried to apply in afp med ctr last year but i wasnt able to pass my cv because the lady in hr ask the grade of my glass and told me im not qualified. they dont accept more than 100 grade . in nkti, year 2008, applicant slept there to be first in line and those who arrived on morning didnt had a chance in passing their requirements.its a first come first serve basis in nkti and u should have a bls and iv training. nurse in philippines cant even choose hospitals where they want to work. cheers!

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We ask that you use appropriate punctuation as well as CAPITAL letter for the first letter in each sentence to make it easier to follow. This is also the best place to practice your English skills that you would use when writing in a patient's chart.

We also have many nurses here from other countries that did not learn English as their primary language. And I am having issues following what you posted after being up all night working.

If I am having problems with it, then many others will as well.

Thanks for your understanding on this.


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Wise and good decision that you choose AFPMC-VLuna General Hospital. Because I also had my "on the job training" in that institution. And I can say that it helps me a lot! They will train you. But during my training I also apply as a staff nurse. What I did is I alway follow up my application at the HR. And showing my Headnurse and the other staff that I will be an efficient nurse they need! They also help me in following my application! Thanks GOD because I also pass the panel interview with the chief nurse, HR department head and others. After that we also had our panel interview at GHQ.And eventually they hired me! I can say that my working experience in AFPMC-VLuna Gen. Hosp. help me in getting a job here. Just be patients and keep on praying!HE will guide you!:saint::nurse:


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The nursing training in nkti is still ongoing. all you have to do is to pass the requirements - resume, tor, photocopied: recommendation letter from dean or employer, prc id, pna id, bls id, iv therapist id, 1 piece 1x1 and 2x2 pic. When you are qualified, you have to pay 1000 for initial payment. Once it is already done, come back to the required day to pass CXR results within 1-year period, proof of immunity for Hepatitis B within 6-month period and record of HPB vaccination. If you had already completed your vaccination, only the proof of immmunity will do. After you had finished it, you'll have to wait for your time to train. By the way, in terms of full payment, you can pay at least 2 weeks before the program. I had already applied few days ago last april 14, 2009. The slot available is the batch sept-dec2009. so hurry guys! if you're interested with their basic nursing skills training program, go to nkti asap!!! east ave, quezon city adjacent to lung center and beside quezon city hall. that's all

pizzalady, RN

33 Posts this the 6moths training of nkti worth 20thousand?Because am planning to inquire there also when i arrive.,i was just confused cause u said sept-dec so barely 4months only..pls enlighten about if u son't still have bls,ivt id?will they accept you?Any info will be appreciated.thanks.


140 Posts this the 6moths training of nkti worth 20thousand?Because am planning to inquire there also when i arrive.,i was just confused cause u said sept-dec so barely 4months only..pls enlighten about if u son't still have bls,ivt id?will they accept you?Any info will be appreciated.thanks.

The 4 months training stated in the earlier posts is NKTI's basi skills training. The 6 months training you are referring is their special dialysis trainings. I hope this helps. :)

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