Help!!! Can't remember Growth + Development Milestones


Hello everyone,

I am having trouble remembering the growth and development milestones for the NCLEX. Does anyone have any advise, resource or mnemonic that they are willing to share?


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This is a weak point for me too....can anyone share what has helped them?


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I can't either!!! I was actually going to post about this since it is driving me crazy! :grumpy:

The sad part is is that I've got a degree in Elementary Education and took Human Growth and Development, took tests and passed the class 20+ years ago but cannot remember them now to save my life!!! :arghh:


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Go on the CDC website. It has these listed with pictures as well as burn guidelines for rule off 9s.


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I having the same problem as well lol....this is going to be the death of me I hope not.



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Start by breaking them up into larger groups and then pick just a few milestones for each.

Don't get too stressed out over fine details which aren't likely to make any difference in your pass/fail.

The NCLEX is a big picture exam.


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This video really helped me!


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For developmental milestones from birth to 1, I used this one:

2-3 months: turns head side to side

4-5 months: grasps, switch & roll

6-7 months: sit at 6 and waves bye-bye

8-9 months: stands straight at eight

10-11 months: belly to butt

12-13 months: twelve and up, drink from a cup

I'm glad I knew these ones... ;)


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I am happy to know that I'm not the only one struggling with this :)

Thank you to everyone who provided help tips (esp. the video)