i am looking for some insight. i have finished all my prerequisites for the practical nursing program, now all i have to do is pass the nurse entrance test and apply. in my head i've been beating myself up over whether to go for rn or lpn, but i'm just ready to get my hands dirty and begin nursing school. if i were to do the rn route, i'd have another year of pre req's, then i'd apply in 2010. but since i have no experience in nursing, lpn seems like the way to go. it will allow me to gain experience in nursing. i am also enrolled to take nurse aide classes next semester, so that should be interesting. what do you guys think? if i do wish to advance to rn in the future then i will. but for now, i just want to prove to myself i can get through the lpn school first....:yawn:

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I lamented over the same question but I chose to go LVN and it has been very challenging and rewarding so far. I am an A student and working on some prereqs online while going to LVN school. When I get out I'll work for a little while while I finish my prereqs up and apply for lvn bridge programs.


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I too was going through the same thing, I just took the LPN route so I can prepare myself for the RN program. Think about it like this at least you will have the nursing experience, where as some RN students don't have that nursing background at all. Good luck!

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It doesn't matter if you have any nursing experience or not when you go into either RN or LPN nursing school. They will teach you all you need to learn in the school. I went to RN school having absolutely no hands on experience at all with patients and about half of my classmates did not either. This is pretty typical. RNs are learning to be problem solvers and managers of patient care. You are taught everything you will need to know in school. Don't listen to others who tell you that having experience is necessary or required. It is helpful, but not necessary or required. You can become either an RN or LPN having never touched a patient prior to going into either of these programs.


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Hi, I am new here and this is my first post. :)

I am in a similar situation except I have not taken any prereqs or any college courses at all. I am trying to decide between going for my LPN and my RN.

If I were in your shoes and only had a few prereqs left to do, I would just finish them up and then apply to nursing school for the RN.

I am starting from scratch at almost 39 years old LOL.

Good luck in your decision.

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I chose to do the lpn program first for several reasons.

1. I have about 5 more prereqs i have to take before i can even apply for the rn program. Im currently in the lpn program and plan to finish my prereqs and go for the lpn-rn bridge program

2. Im tired of working full time while in school ! Becoming a lpn will enable me to work two or three days a week, allowing me for extra study time while in school for my rn

3. I would like to be financially stable while in school. My mother just completed the lpn-rn bridge program. She was a lpn for 4 years and then recently became a rn. She told be about rn students who failed the program and had nothing to fall back on. So basically they had no job, no money, and was completly devasted. When my mother failed the RN program ( her first attempt), she was hurt, however she was still a nurse and still able to make money before starting the program again.

Its a great advantage to become a LPN first and then RN. I don't care what negative feelings people have about LPNs. I'm glad that I will be a LPN first. I'm sure it would look good on my RESUME as well. (i.e. LPN two years experience. )


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i was in the same boat as you. i am currently almost half way through my lpn course- the lpn required no prereqs(at my school) and i had just had a baby when a few months before i took the entrance exam. it was the righ tchoice for me because its only ten months, where i am, and i figured yes, i am gone from 7- 2:30pm- but itll be over in 10 months! and since i am broke because i go to school then come home to take care of my son, i cant afford to be out of work for a couple of years, and i also dont want to be working a low paying job part time and go to rn part time for the next 4 or 5 years. they have many great programs which you can take online once your and lpn so you can bridge over to an rn - i figure ill get my lpn and then get a job, get accustomed and figure out when would be a good time fo rme to go back to school- and work from there. i would call and ask local lpn programs if you have to have prereqs- because if you dont, you may not have to take the class- but at my school anyways, your tuition doesnt change- so i mean there are many factors- where are you in your life?where do you see yourself 3 years down the road?do you have other obligations?

also, my teachers have been saying it from the beginning- just because your in school for lpn doesnt mean its easier than the rn material- in some aspects, its harder. you have less time to learn(since my course is only 10 month) alot of informatio- its highly condensed- and they also say, if you pass through this program you should pass through an rn program with flying colors.

either way, its your choice, do what you feel is right, and whatever decision you come to, it will be the right one! gooodluck:yeah:

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I chose the LVN route to that I could work in nursing while attending a BSN program.

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