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I am new to this board and love it. I am not a nurse ..yet. But am planning on attending school this fall to enter into the Nursing program . I am a Medical Assistant.

I have been reading all the posts on here ...in reference to the positive and negative side of Nursing. There are a lot of positive and negative sides to any career/profession that you choose. But I realize that I should not let that stop me in deciding to go this route. I have always wanted to be a Nurse. I love working with people/patients.

When I saw some of the posts on here ..it scared me a little ..but then I thought and said..dont let it stop you..these are some of the nurses that think that way.... A lot of nurses ...as yourselves say "go for it". Anyway, I just wanted to express my love for being a Nurse. I love this board. :roll

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Welcome-You go girl!

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Hi Med409 and welcome to quite possibly the most supportive board for nursing students on the internet. I come here all the time for inspirition, education, and ...sometimes just to laugh my butt off!:p

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Welcome, Med409 !!!

Make yourself at home here.. you'll learn a LOT ! Yes, as in ANY career, there's the good, the bad, and the fugly. But remember, it's what YOU make of it... YOUR goals, YOUR dream, YOUR outlook and attitude ! Life is what YOU make it. ;)

Glad to have you on board. Best of everything in school. We'll just be here, so holler if ya need any help, k? :D There's a student forum here as well, so check it out ! There you can ask, learn, share... laugh, cry, vent as you work your way thru school ! Good luck and be prepared for lots of hard work in the years ahead. But the rewards are endless.. and again, it depends on what you see as "rewards".


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Welcome! Our profession needs motivated, positive, and caring people like yourself to join our ranks! New nurses like yourself are the ones that are going to yank the rest of us along into the "new frontier" of nursing. You bring fresh ideas and inspiration that some of us sorely need. The frustrations and disappointments that you see in some of these posts result from our stuggle to "let go" of some of our traditions (which is awful hard for nurses to do) and try and survive in a world of change. We're not the only profession caught in the anxiety of the unknown, but that doesn't make it hurt any less. You'll learn about the grace, compassion, and wealth of knowledge from "seasoned" nurses, who'll be more than happy to tell you all about the good old days. Unfortunately, you'll meet the doom and gloom crew who will whine and complain about everything that "they" are doing to them in administration. These same folks are often also the ones that like to "eat their young" and critize all those small mistakes that new-bees tend to make as they learn and grow. Hang in there, I'm sure you'll do great! Don't let us downloading at times get YOU down! It's just that no one understands what a nurse goes through like another nurse!


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Thank you all so much for your encouraging words.. and again... Im glad to be on board..with this board.;) lol



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Welcome April, nice to have you here:) :nurse:

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