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:uhoh3: Hello to all I hope everyone is fine....

I am a new grad RN still in my third week orientation on a postpartum floor which I love. (Everthing but the hours and co-workers) My shift is going to be the 3-11pm shift which I will have to wait to go to work all day and will never see my family but the 2 days I'm off that week (bad thing about 8 hour shifts and evenings)..

TODAY, I got a call from a wonderful and well respected hospital in my area asking my to interview for a NICU/nursery , postpartum, or Labor and Delivery job for a 7a-7p, which would be better for me and the ones I love.

The good thing is I was told by my NM that I have a 30 day period starting a week ago. that i can leave with no questions asked and they can fire me if they see I dont fit. SO I'm not contracted in so to speak. I'm not on schedule but with a preceptor.

However, it doesnt fit my personality and values to quit something as soon as I start. But NICU is something that I want to specialize in (Neonatal Nurse Practioner )and is my true hearts desire. And 7a-7p right out of school is wonderful, very hard to pass up. And not to mention the great retirement!!!


give me some advice please,, Sincerly the New Nurse....


Lastly: if any of you have worked the 3-11 shift how did you cope??


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Go for the other job. I would prefer a nurse to be happy where they are working and if you don't get along with your coworkers you are going to be miserable. I have worked 12 hour shifts for years and love it, 12 days on a month and some overtime when they are short. Plenty of time for your family and working on your advanced degree. Good Luck


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Congrats on finishing school! How many days a week will the 3-11 be? Take that into consideration. I've found that I LOVE the 12 hour days because you get days off during the week, the 8 hour shifts 5 days a week seemed to eat up a lot more than just 8 hours. Do what's best for you and your family, I don't think it's really considered "quitting" yet. You're just starting out. Switch now if you're unhappy, before you feel very committed to them. (new RN speaking from 6 months experience) I took everyone's advice before I finished RN school and am getting my "med/surg" experience......


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Go ahead and go to the interview; the decision may be easier once you have more info. It sounds like what you're saying is that the smart move would be to accept the new job, but you have a moral objection to showing "lack of loyalty," so to speak. That's a good attitude to have, but you have the rest of your career to be a martyr ;) Besides, you'd be opening up another great opportunityfor a new grad, and you know how scarce they are.

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Take the 7a-7p job ---- it is what you want and will work for you and your family. Tell the current NM as soon as you have accepted the position be honest and don't burn any bridges. Good Luck!!

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Take the job that works for you and your family. Really. Do you want to look back later and say...I stood my ground, but gave up my family for a year or two or three. Nobody wants to be a quitter. But sometimes it isn't quitting. Sometimes its making the better choice. You do the best you can with the info you have at the moment. Before you didn't have the info. Now you do.


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Go for the interview and don't give a second thought to quitting early. That is what these probationary periods are designed for. Sometimes, certain jobs are just not a good fit and well, sometimes better opportunities come along. Best wishes.


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It sounds like you already know which job is for you. From what I read it seems like you need support in telling your current workplace that you need to leave.

The 3-11 place will be fine with you leaving. It's like leaving any other job. You're workplace and you have to have chemistry and it sounds like the 3-11 place and you just don't have that "spark". It will ideally be easier than you think, and once you've done it, you'll feel like a million dollars starting your new job.


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Hello Hickle of a Pickle

I am in a similar situation as urs ,I am also a new grad but I did not get any grad year position but few days ago I have got an agency job and they are going to give me only pm shifts 3to 11pm. the hospital is one of the best pvt hospitals in my area. I am happy for my start next week and im full of energy. but i know that the moment i get a placement(paid job for midwifery) ill go for it,my plan is to be a midwife and i was not successfull in my interview for a paid job for the training so i have to wait another year.I agree that it feels so bad to leave the job just few days after u started it but i want to tell u, dont be sad and do what is the best for you ,its ur life and ur future and the good side of it is that ur a nurse and all you do is CARE so no matter where, why to feel bad ?where ever you work you are caring ,helping , and making all happy,

cheeers and wish u all the best:nurse:


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I'd interview and see how it feels talking with them... and if it feels right, do the day shift! Nights suck! (in my opinion)


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in this horrible job market, I would NOT tell your current NM that you are interviewing for another position. In case it does not work out, you still have a job.


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Interview for the NICU job and take it if they offer it to you...it seems like it would be a better fit for you...I worked NICU for a few years and loved it!!! GOOD LUCK!

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