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Hi, i just joined this great community today. After I graduated from college I quickly got into Real Estate (dont ask!). After a few years I realized the healthcare field was for me! However, I didnt want to make the same mistake jumping into a new career as I did previously. I worked my up and became a CNA. Now Im looking to start a LVN program, and eventually an RN program. My only question is which programs are best? I am completely opened to doing my schooling at a community college (I just missed the deadline for San Francisco). I live in Northen California, and would be willing to commute for the right school. Any ideas on how to get started. Thank you so much for any help.

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welcome to the site and good luck on your journey

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Good luck to you. I'll move your question to the California forum, since you are asking about schools in that area.



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I went to a private school for my LVN it was a 12 month couse, fast track with pre rec's included (a&p med math and so on). I'm not sure how long it takes at a CC to LVN.

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Since you already have a degree why don't you look into a college program instead of LVN? LVN doesn't usually require any college. There are a few exceptions like the LVN programs associated with the Community Colleges. If you have a Bachelor's degree you can do a second degree option of BSN. I know OSU is doing it in CA now but not sure where you hook up in the Bay area. They are usually fast track too. So you can get your BSN in just 14 months. (MY LVN program is 18 months plus two semesters of pre-reqs) Please check out your local colleges and ask around. Get plenty of info on many many schools before you choose. Why choose LVN when you can do RN? There are so many more options available to the RN. Good luck! :)

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