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I am a mother of an LPN graduate who just took the Nclex for her first time Nov. 16th, and she did not pass. :mad: She studied Lacharity, and Saunders. I have read posts almost daily of you LPN or RN's graduate nurses trying to optain your state licenses by passing the state exam so you can get a job and support yourselves plus even a family. I have read the challenges & struggles of all of you who's fate in life all depends on passing that one last exam. I have read the postings of desperation of good people who's life, and self confidence was shredded to bits by failing. I applaude those of you who never give up, and you keep trying! Those of you who offer tips and encouragement to those studying for the Nclex please know that your help is read & appreciated. There are 100's of different books to study from, 100's of dollars spent on tutor courses, and 100's of people who still don't succeed in passing. Years ago i've read that Suzanne offered a study plan....and many of you were successful following that. Why can't something like that be available to those who are struggling in 2010-2011 to pass the Nclex??? I hate to think of amount of time & money spent by those of you who have the technical skills, intellectual clarity, and professional attitude necessary to be a good nurse----but you CAN NOT pass the Nclex!:confused: Nclex requires such a vast amount of knowledge, & information to comprehend and retain...and I've read many of you admit that you just passed by making lucky guesses. :uhoh3: So does that make a person whos had lucky guesses a better nurse than someone who has test anxiety? :confused::confused::confused: There must be many people out there who gave up their dream of becoming a nurse because they could no longer afford the wait of trying to pass, or even the cost of the exam. How sad. You pay for college, you pay for tutoring books, you pay for the exam, you pay to get the results of the exam online. This is 2010 folks...why can't some group of nurses, or instructors put a format together to help people pass?? This all seems like a money making, hell taking process...and I fear there are people who are making large sums money off good :nurse: people trying desperately to pass and succeed. Is this America or what?

To conclude I want all you who are working as nurses to know that I have even more repect for you than ever before...I now know the hell you have gone through to get your state license and make it to where you are today...thank you for all that you do. As for my daughter...please pray that next time she tries the nclex she makes some lucky guesses! ;)


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Just to clarify: Those "lucky guesses" people are referring to are actually critical thinking skills.

What you are experiencing must be very frustrating.

The best advice I was given should I have failed on my first attempt... was to start over and forget the last exam. Dwelling would be a disservice to myself.

Keep your chin up! Figure out your weak areas because this will help guide you to develop your own individual review for the exam...

Not everyone reviews/learns the same

Nor do we answer questions the same way

Find what study tools help solidify content/knowledge and what strategies best suit you...

Hope this helps.

Good words of encouragement & advice for our daughter, and everyone ...thank you. I just wish there was ONE study strategy that works for everyone. She does well if she knows what to study, but with sooo much to comprehend-UGH! I just wish there was one proven and verified way to study to master the test.


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The NCLEX is not a predictable exam. People who are very well prepared do not pass. The important thing to remember is to be persistent. If she stops trying, she definitely won't pass. But if she keeps at it, she will be successful. People have posted here who passed on the ninth and tenth attempt. Now that is perserverance!

"It takes courage to think forward and not backward. Behind you may be pain and bondage, but in front of you is healing and freedom."


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wth - there was a distinct note of frustration in your post. I feel sad for your daughter, but this is not the end of the road.

I'm getting ready to take mine in january. we were told in school to develop a strategy and stick with it. we used saunders. many classmates are using the Q/A approach and studying in a random manner. others are using the texts and studying specifically, their areas of deficiency.

some folks, myself included, are using the Dx results from pre-nclex tests and focusing on weak areas (for these I'm using texts), and reviewing saunders in the areas where I am strong.

it was suggested that we not use more than one study guide and that tutoring and nclex review classes would possibly confuse rather than clarify - taking the brain in too many directions. sounds like this may have happened to your daughter. she may be overwhelmed.

there are boatloads of study aids and books that contain strategies that have been developed by nurses, nurse educators, etc. many, if not all, are quite helpful.

BTW, guessing doesn't work in nclex! at least not for me. more often than not, in questions where you select 1 out of 4 answers, 2 can be deleted right off the bat. the remaining 2, well, not so easy. even the 50/50 chance of getting it right isn't enough.

if attempts at critically thinking couldn't get me to the answer, when I guessed, I'd say more than half the time, I was wrong! drives me crazy!

I wish your daughter (and all of us who are going to be taking nclex soon) well - and good luck!