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Heard a rumor (I emphasize it was a rumor) that UPMC is eliminating all agency personel. They will give them a chance to take a position and if they don't then they are out. I have heard of other cities where really big institutions have used their muscle in this way but this is the first time I have heard of it in Pittsburgh. What have you heard? :eek:

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Everyone tries this tactic.

And until the Hospital industry improves conditions, it will not last.

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Last year I worked agency at UPMC, then the first of January I was cancelled because my agency had to bid to be one of the select 5 agencies to work there. My agency did win the bid but the effect was a $10.00 pay cut. Needless to say I no longer book there and neither does any other agency nurses I worked with. My agency called about 2 months ago saying they were upping the rate by $2.00/hr but it is not enough to work there. I would not be suprised if they tried this, they work their nurses so short it is a scarey place. I also heard that they replaced the RN's in the ICU's with EMT's and got a fine for that which is why my agency was pushing for us to go back but none would. Again, this is hearsay but I do believe it.

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I currently work at UPMC Shadyside. From what I understand, Shadyside no longer uses outside agency personnel (for at least a year now). The float pool solely covers staffing holes.



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Whats Shadyside like ??? Inquiring minds want to know.

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I have seen many hospitals try this over the years. It works for the short term with big incentives paid to the staff to fill the holes. Then they burn out from too many shifts, find themselves working chronically at dangerous staffing levels, unable to take days off because of the staffing, the situation reaches critical, staff quit, agency and travelers are brought in and the cycle begins again. As a traveler, I don't sweat this talk, just go somewhere else and check back later.

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