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While visiting in the lounge one day, we discovered that every nurse there was on an anti-depressant. I have had 'Treatment Resistant Depression' for about 20 years--as long as I've been a nurse. ... Read More

  1. by   BellaTerra2002
    I HATE to tell you this, but guys do have "troubles" with testosterone. Not like women, I'll grant, but they do have some troubles.

    The NICEST thing for us gals is that, generally, guys tend to become much less aggressive as they get older and their testosterone levels begin to decline.

  2. by   sphinx
    Bella, I was thinking the same thing....have you seen the new ad out for some med (can't remember it might just be an herbal), lists signs of low testosterone, and supposedly this new pill can help.
  3. by   sphinx
    Talking about hormones, I copied that list I mentioned. You can see why hormones can be a confusing issue: and except for having an "abundance of estrogen", depression is listed as a possible sign of the others.
    (thinking again how she really ought to get those hormones checked, thanks bella for bringing it up)


    * Water Retention
    * Fatigue
    * Breast Swelling
    * Fibrocystic Breasts
    * PMS-like symptoms
    * Loss of sex drive
    * Uterine Fibroids
    * Craving for Sweets
    * Weight Gain


    * Hot flashes
    * shortness of breath
    * night sweats
    * sleep disorders
    * vaginal shrinkage
    * painful intercourse
    * vaginal dryness
    * dry skin
    * anxiety
    * mood swings
    * headache
    * depression
    * Memory Loss
    * Heart palpitaions
    * yeast infections
    * inability to reach orgasm


    * Depression
    * Somnolence


    * Headache
    * Hot flashes
    * Low Libido
    * Anxiety Night Sweats
    * Swollen Breasts Painful breast
    * Sleep Disorder
    * Shortness of breath
    * Moodiness
    * vaginal shrinkage
    * Fuzzy thinking
    * Painful intercourse
    * Depression
    * vaginal Dryness
    * Food Cravings
    * Dry skin
    * Anxiety
    * irritability
    * Insomnia
    * Mood swing
    * Memory Loss
    * Weight gain
    * Heart Palpitations
    * Bloating
    * Yeast Infections
    * Inability to concentrate
    * Inability to reach orgasm
    * Painful joints
    * Asthma
  4. by   abrenrn
    It's amazing what guys will do when their testerone starts to lag. I find it amazing how many guys feel their hormone is somehow superior to hormones of the female sex.

    I think it's rude to interrupt a discussion with questions that can be easily found in a book.
  5. by   mario_ragucci
    I appreciate the help sphinx. For me, 37 yo male, I feel some hormone loss, or maybe an awareness of them on a personal level. Sometimes it hard for a guy to read about a persons feelings in a book, especially if it has to do with (whispers) women's feelings. It's also interesting to discuss how hormones can relate to other chemical inbalances we all experience, like depression or digestion. Thank you
  6. by   mamabear
    After I had a vag hyst, the gyne doc put me on Premarin 1.25 mg. No more hot flashes, but I still had moods all over the place. My shrink consulted to the gyne and suggested Estratest (esterified estrogens 1.25 mg and methyltestosterone 2.5 mg). I've been taking it for ten years, and it's been a life saver.
  7. by   abrenrn
    I know lots of guys on female hormones - when I worked in HIV practice had to Rx them for one or two - otherwise wouldn't have come for HIV treatment. BTW, these guys looked better than most of the women patients I saw.

    When you want to know that much about something, might as well experience it.
  8. by   mattsmom81
    Guys with lagging testosterone levels trade in the older wife for a newer model, buy a new sports car, get hair transplants and take Viagra.

    Humans are at the mercy of hormones sad to say...LOL!!

    Hmmm...maybe I'll get mine checked too after looking at that list of sx gals...I've been blaming it all on low thyroid...
  9. by   abrenrn
    Not a bad idea, might try it myself.
  10. by   micro
    hi all.........
    survived the holidays and ddoiodaat

    big whooppie horny scopy!!!!!!!!!

    actually feeling pretty good today.....
    but I am sure somebody will ruin that....hehehehehehehehe

    I am so glad to see this thread still going.....

    sphinx.........thx.......the hormonal/chemical/fluid/physical exchange that occurs in our bodies and our minds.....are indeed so true.....and .........

    it makes you wonder why there should be such a stigma about mental illness and other (not physical*)......... out there in and amongst the 'scientific & intellectual' community.........
    as well as everyelse......

    we are all but a bunch of flesh, bones, fluids, and hormones.........

    now, to my depression........oh well.....s......h.........

    thank goodness I don't have ...............


    hey feelings.........there was a great song written about feelings......

    and pink's song.......'don't let me get me, I'm my own worst enemy"
    and pink is young, blonde and gorgeous.........

    yana again,
  11. by   micro
    Originally posted by sphinx
    I for one can't *feel* my hormonal changes........ thought have been racing all weekend, yet I've been sitting like a lump. A srange combination. I feel like I am going a thousand miles an hour when in fact I am but sitting still.

    I can't tell when my testosterone is flaring or my estrogen is glaring......but I can tell when I am f.i.n.e. and when I am okay.....

    hormones of age, turn the page.......

    sphinx, boy can I relate......

    btw, again.....
    it is good to see each of you here again.........

  12. by   VivaLasViejas
    Good to hear from you again, micro!

    Seems like I unleashed a new discussion here when I mentioned the menopausal stuff I've been dealing with. I appreciate all of you guys' comments about what you've experienced and how you've dealt with it. It all connects somehow: the moods, the hormonal changes, the depression, the physical and emotional ups & downs, etc. Just to let you all know, I'm seeing the OB-GYN next Friday morning, and hopefully we'll get this show on the road. I've decided this is probably the best time to have my hysterectomy---I'm still not working, but I've finally got my unemployment benefits coming in, and if I went back to work now I'd just have to take a leave of absence to have the surgery and recuperate. I'm serious--I bled from December 2 until the 29th, sometimes so heavily I went through two super-plus tampons, a pad, and an Attends within 2 hrs. I can't help thinking that getting this bleeding and pain stopped for good will help my energy level and my moods, not to mention my capacity for work! And I'm going to consider trying Premarin, even though for some reason an Ativan @ HS seems to reduce my hot flashes and night sweats (what's up with THAT, anyway?). Maybe the hormones will help straighten me out some more---I'm doing a little better on the increased Paxil, but there's definitely room for improvement.

    The other good thing that's happened recently is, I got a call on New Year's Eve from the DNS at my ex-workplace, who's actually been more of a friend rather than a boss to me. She confirmed that my termination was, indeed, politically motivated (which I'd suspected all along), and that she, too, is about to lose her job for the same reason. She's currently on medical leave for the same "female" difficulties I'm having (her surgery is on the 15th), and she was telling me that the facility did NOT pass its re-survey last month; now the corporate people have to blame some one else, and they're running out of personnel to pin it on. (Ya THINK?!) She also said she'd be delighted to give me a good reference anytime and wants to stay in contact with me because I'm a "good person and a helluva nurse".

    It was so gratifying to have my feelings validated this way, and I have to admit it did me a lot of good to hear it from her. I'd never blamed her for the whole mess; I knew she didn't agree with it, but she wasn't in a position to save me, and I knew that too. Now that I've had some time to assess the situation, I realize that I'm far better off out of that job, and that this "downtime" is God's gift to me---an opportunity to examine my heart and figure out what I want and need to do next. It's also a chance to get the physical stuff I've tried to ignore for five years taken care of, once and for all, so I can truly move on with my life.

    Once again, thanks to everyone who has continued with this thread, and contributed to the mental health and well-being of all of us by sharing your experiences. It's cheaper than therapy, and for my money it's just as effective....after all, there's nothing like talking to other people who've been through the same stuff!
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  13. by   micro
    omg, yessirree........

    talking about menopause is indeed diagnosis of depressives I knew!!!!! (me, I am talking about me)

    hormones fluctuate in each of us.....and when we age they fluctuate and women, hormones don't keep score.........

    then some of us get hit harder, earlier, while others hardly nil........
    but hormones in our bodies still do fill.........

    is there an answer, yessirree......but medicine is still an 'art' along with a science.........indeed still a mystery.........

    and the best docs, the best ________, will all agree.........

    it all comes back to each of us just being human, you see.......

    but for me, I also am grateful that I have been reminded that there is a _______ inside of that is 'just me'

    mjlrn, good to see you also.....
    a break away.....maybe that is all you needed just for today.....
    and we never quit learning .........

    Mario, good to see the ??? coming still, my friend. Never quit questioning and finding the answers.

    and mjlrn.......speaking again of menopausal........stuff

    Gail a great author of just that.........
    the book is called Silent Passage.....
    you have probably already seen has been around 'eons'..............(oooops, dating myself.....where is my dang cane).........or actually no, I was over and done with menopause at a 'rather' young age.........
    she also is a great author, imho.......writes books on the passages of life, and though I haven't read it.......think she also addressed a book talking about passages in men's lives..........

    humanity has no gender clause that puts you here or there, we may each be different, but we are each more the same than different, man or woman, east or west.........cold or hot......old or not........

    but my mind waxes wax...........without out the aid of exlax......

    time to stop and go, my friends.......

    micro and out..........
    again xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxox