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While visiting in the lounge one day, we discovered that every nurse there was on an anti-depressant. I have had 'Treatment Resistant Depression' for about 20 years--as long as I've been a nurse. ... Read More

  1. by   sanakruz
    Mario-Many people have poor coping skills.One of the treatments for depression is a didactic approach where one is encouraged to learn new better ways to deal with uncomfortable feelings. I think the reason you were getting dog-piled goes back to the original remise of this very long thread-Nurses and depression. If someone has for year upon year had their feelings INVALIDATED, it's extraoridinarily demoralising-"Well honey,that's the way it is" "if you don't like it here, move on" etc, no matter how proactively the problem(s) presented to one's superior.It will grind you down!!! I think you pressed a few buttons with your boot strap theories.
  2. by   mario_ragucci
    Lol, bootstrap. Grab me by my lappels and shake me. Shoulder to the wheel. Elbow grease. Gold-bricking. Nursing school,
  3. by   nal
    I have had depression in the past, took anti depressants for short time with good effect. They helped me to build bridges to get back on my feet. Felt that depression was partly due to nursing and the conformity tactics used to force us into submission, along with the nature of our work.
    Also considered that it was partly caused by grief (past, present and unrecognised grief).
    Long term stress effecting hormones and chemicals within myself.

    Cant wait till more research is done to further identify causes of depression and promote a better understanding of it.
    If only it were as easy as "just snapping yourself out of it", then wouldn't we all have done just that.
  4. by   mattsmom81
    Nal, I think the the chronic, unchecked surge of circulating catacholamines causes a cycle of stress physically and mentally...I believe this chronic stress state is behind many, many illnesses ....including depression.

    The conquering of our high stress lifestyles will be a major healing factor for us...and can stop illness tendencies BEFORE they occur. My doc feels this is an up and coming medical trend....predispositions and preventative measures.

    Today my doctor talked with me about the cycle of stress, toxicities, liver malfunctions, chemical imbalance, hormonal imbalance, immune compromise, head was spinning!

    And chronic stress is the catalyst that can lead to all this...and eventually perhaps to cancer, MS, autoimmune disorders, on and on. My doc says the studies are supporting this now (although I think nurses suspected this all along.)

    It's interesting to research all this stuff...great discussion!!
  5. by   nal
    Very recently had a long term male friend (32) overdose, and did not survive. Registered Nurse come medical rep, history of depression for several years. Still a lot of unanswered questions.

    Is depression more common in women, or are men in denial personally and as a whole? Afterall suicide rates are higher in males in this country.
    Are there adequate services available for men who need help and do they feel comfortable seeking help?
    I would like to see men set up more support services for themselves, as women have done this to help themseves whenever they have felt a big need.

    This seems to be such an unessesary waste and ignorance is killing people like cancer.
    I don't bother discussing depression with people unless they show some sort of understanding or a willingness to learn and be open minded about it. Just the other day I got the comment "you create your own destiny", While thats true to some extent bad things can happen to good people and we all go through processes of ill health and healing.

    If anyone knows some good sites with scientific data or research ( as this seems to help people to hear better) that would be helpful.
    Thanks for the email Mattsmom81

    Aussie Nurse
  6. by   Youda
    nal, read post #240 on this same thread. Some of the most recent research, articles, and statistics are available at AND you can get free CEUs!
  7. by   sanakruz
    nal-it's true about men and depression- women report it at double the rate men do- there is still a stigma attached to anything having to do with "mental" health. Oddly enough some of the best sites I"ve found belong to the pharmacutical companies (HMMM..)
  8. by   sphinx
    I just got done having a long talk with my husband. The other night (Saturday) I did a stupid thing and drank a bottle of wine, took 4 zyprexa, and 5 vicoden. I was, have been, and still am so deeply depressed, I just could stand no more. I told no one, just quietly did my thing, and went off to bed. I could have taken more pills, so I guess I wasn't really attempting a serious OD. Just an escape. I slept all day Sunday. I managed to work Monday, but was pretty fuzzy and confused, and most of all, felt like I was going to explode because I wanted to tell someone but didn't want to tell the people I ought to have. I felt at the end of my rope. Between patients, I pulled over into a parking lot, bawling, and called LifeLine and talked to someone there, just to *tell* someone. That night I started feeling sick with this GI bug, at first thinking I was sick from the pills, but have been sick as a dog all week, and have what my husband had last week. Terrible abdominal cramping, etc. Meanwhile I had a CCK HIDA scan and an EGD for other probs..........and have spent my time sleeping or laying down, and depressed. I finally told my husband tonight what I did on Saturday. The worst thing is, even though I feel sick already, part of me wants to do it all over again. I've called off work every day since Tuesday. I spoke with my boss, and am supposed to work the weekend, and have told her I will be in...meanwhile my belly is cramping like hell, and I am so depressed I just want to die. I have a ton of paperwork I never did from Monday. I can't see myself getting up and being in the office at 8 tomorrow, but what else can I do?
    In any case, my husband and I decided it would probably be best dfor me to just put in my notice next week (for 2 weeks). I can take a break through the holidays, then look for another job. Our savings would keep us afloat, but god forbid we had any emergencies......Of course I don't have to wait till *after* the holidays.......but I DO need a break between. I'd posted a thread elsewhere and got some good tips and what else I can do, other options.
    So, if I keep from OD'ing before then, maybe I'll be ok. My husband has said he'll make me go to the hsopital if I get bad off, which I surely don't want......anyway, that's the deal, thought I'd share.

    -from deep in the pit,
  9. by   KaroSnowQueen
    I have been a nurse for eighteen years. Ever since I discovered St. John's Wort several years ago, I have been taking it, in much larger doses than recommended, just to feel halfway normal. Yes, some family issues contributed, but the depression continued even after the issues were resolved. I tried many alternatives to feel better, and just was draggy and sleepy. Ate 24/7, slept all day or ran all day long - errands, just driving, etc. just to keep away from home. No one here realized just how overwhelming it was.
    My MD put me on an antidepressant in August, and it is amazing just how bad I really felt, and how much better I feel now. Most people I work with are on antidepressants or talk about how they think they need them.
    Nursing is a job/profession/lunacy which gives you great guilt, great stress, and then wonders why you feel bad!!!!
    I'm glad tom has plenty of time and money to do all those things that help him feel better, but he obviously doesn't work 12 hour days with an hour commute each way, and have a house, car payment, a spouse, three pets, five children and a set of dependent grandparents to take care of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I had time to go golfing and dancing, I certainly would!!!! :0)
  10. by   KaroSnowQueen
    Sphinx, I am SO sorry you feel so bad. Bless your little heart, I certainly do feel for you. Please, please, please go get some help. I found my internist to be extremely sympathetic and cognizant of the stress of our profession. If you think yours would not, find someone, please. Some therapy and medication will help you immensely, it has me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Sphinx)))))))))))))))) ))))))))))))))))))))) hugs
  11. by   sphinx
    snow queen....I have had a psychiatrist for ages, am in between therapists (need to find one I "click" with who has hours I can get it to see.......and am on meds, a combo, have been on a list as long as your arm (med resistent)........the whole 9 yards. Have been hospitalized 3 times, partial, IPRT, even had ECT. It's been 2 years since I was that low, but it's come back full force, and I think of death daily, and have thoughts of hurting myself often. My pysch doc just adjusted one of my meds. If I had to in a hospital I would just be under the care of a new doc, who doesn't know me at all. I just wait, and wait for it all to end. For a long time now, everyone (old therapist, former group therapy participants, pysch doc, spouse, even me) has known my job has been a sourse of stress. It has only gotten worse, not better. I have been scared to make a change. I think if I don't do something soon, I will die. I honestly believe that. Literally.
  12. by   mamabear
    I have been where you're at, with the exception of the ECTs. Please, don't give up. I know everything seems hopeless, and everything seems like an impossible effort If you look long enough and hard enough you'll find what you need, I guarantee it.
    Have you tried contacting a teaching hospital in your state/area? I have no idea where you live, but even here, in North Podunk, Indiana, excellent shrinks can be found
    Whatever: don't give up, please
  13. by   Youda
    sphinx, I sure wish there was something I could do. Please know that we do understand, and we're trying to give you alll the support we can over a BB.

    Make YOU and your health the priority. I know it's hard not to consider bills, familiy, jobs, etc. But, go back to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Sounds dumb, I know, but sometimes that helps me figure out priorities. Right now, concentrate only the things you need to survive. Yeah, I know you don't care whether you survive or not. But, it may help you see through the fog, or the darkness in the pit. Survival comes before everything. Jobs, money, family.

    Get away from the "trigger." In this case, it sounds like it's your job. Don't go back. Yeah, you're going to have a lot of objections to that. But, remember, the priority is survival and anything that isn't helping that HAS GOT TO GO NOW.

    From there, you've been here before. So you already know what you need to do next. It sounds like you are already working with your doctor to adjust your meds.

    One thing that has helped me a LOT is using the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step program to keep alive. I'm not an alcoholic, but the steps work for many different situations. Sometimes to get from doing yourself in, you have to adopt the "one day at a time." If you are feeling like I have, sometimes "one hour at a time" was the best I could do. "I will not off myself this hour."

    I hope this doesn't come across wrong or preachy. I have a habit of doing that sometimes. I am just trying to reach out to you, to let you know that some idiot stranger cares, and trying to give you what has helped me. Please post daily, so we know you're OK, sphinx.