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Hey all! I was wondering if there are any nurses with ADD/ADHD out there who want to comiserate and support each other? I know I need the help/advice. It might also be a place for "regular" people... Read More

  1. by   wannabemw
    Have you thought about investing in a PDA of some sort? I LOVE epocrates (Epocrates, home of the world's most widely used mobile medical references)! It's free (or around for around $100.00 I believe you can get the enhanced program), & I can look up my meds & check to see if their are any meds that don't mix + side effects!
    Just a thought. I know I have more confidence when I ck meds this way!
  2. by   rjbryan
    Quote from jh479352
    I was fired from my 3rd job yesterday. I wanted to die but I promised my friends I would keep trying. I feel I was set up,I'm in my late 50's and I can't go as fast as these young nurses. I was trying to give medications and do tx.for the first time in this assisted living facilite and I made some medication errors. The Lpn that was following me didn't like me. I just can't seem to see all the medications listed on the MAR. The woman who fired me said you being an RN , you should not be making medication errors. I will try to get a job in nursing that does not involve giving medications. If that doesn't work I am going to quit nursing.

    Welcome to my world...jeeeze/
    I was fired from my 2d job in eight years last month for the same old stuff....anger management issues, not getting along with other staff and departments, you name it. I decided to see what the problem was and, well, I wouldn't be writing this if not for ADHD, inattentive type. I had been misdiagnosed with depression 10 years ago or so. I live in rural Wisconsin with not many nursing opportunities. To survive, although I'm an ER/trauma nurse with lots of experience, I have been working in a SNF passing meds on a per diem basis...three hours away from here. he up part is that I've been prescribed Adderal, along with Buprofion, and OMG what a difference! I even like myself a lot better! MOST of the time. Unfortunately, I'm fighting almost paralyzing anxiety about job search and where I fit into society.

    If I knew how to do anything else, I would quit nursing.
  3. by   romiia
    Wow, I am amazed at how many of us have this problem. I've been dx. for about 5 years now & ived been an LPN for over 16 yrs.
    I am taking adderal XR, and Wellbutrin but I dont feel the adderal is helping all that much with my concentration,,,in fact i was recently told I was not 2nd year ADN-RN material,,not performing well in clinicals,,,,, unfocused, unorganized, etc.,etc, i was devistated, because I am no longer in school there,,,so that whole year & 1/2 was what? a waste of time, maybe. ,,but Im picking up the pieces, trrying to figure out where i went wrong,,,how to fix me, etc.,Am I determined? yeah, you could say that! maybe Iwill try the regent thing! or leave nursing all together......i dont really know yet...
  4. by   romiia
    thank for sharing that and good luck with your pursuits in nursing!

    Dont ever let any one tell you that you cant be successful If your really sure thats what you want to do, GO FOR IT,,and remember you have this forum of support to help back you up.....

  5. by   funsizedliv
    I took wellbutrin for a little while, not realizing that its like adderall, and didnt sleep for 2 days, plus it made me wicked sick, so I went back to the celexa and adderall combo which has worked well so far.

    dont give up, I hated hearing that for so long but I didnt and finnaly passed the first semester of my last year of nursing school. just have one more semester to get through and the NCLEX and ill be done for a while! I deffinately need a break before getting my next degree.
  6. by   jh479352
    I've decided to give up nursing because it seems like no matter what I do I make medication errors. Even though I went back and took the RN refresher course and passed the MEDICAL/SURGICAL certification (with special accommadation is why) I just don't want to hurt anyone.
  7. by   xtclass08
    my husband was diagnosed with add when he was a teenager, and he insists that he no longer has add. However I am unsure if something like that ever really goes away. He has always had trouble with school, and till this day he has yet to finish because he has trouble concentrating and getting tasks done in school. It's kind of frustrating because I feel like he still has to deal with this issue but he insists that nobody will believe he has add
  8. by   xtclass08
    oh by the way he use to have to take ritalin when he was younger but he stopped taking them all together when he came to college. Can he really just not have ADD anymore?
  9. by   Morgan314
    Please do not give up!!!! There is another area of nursing that needs you, your talents, gifts, and skills. Find it. I felt the same way after losing jobs (prior to becoming a nurse, and then can you imagine how devestating it was to lose my first job as a nurse!!!)because of inability to focus and organize. I was ready to give up too, but I found I was better suited to long term care. Working in a nursing home provided opportunity to use skills, but at a slower pace, especially when working night shift. Before you give up, search out other areas of nursing.
  10. by   smilealot
    I was reading some of the post and wanted to make a comment on a few posts. I recently purchased an audio book Driven to Distraction it covers a lot of information on ADD but it also talks about our society and obsession with time, fast paced, and right now mind set. Based upon our societies expectations ADD can be misdiagnosed the author rights about it as Pseudo ADD. Here is a link to an excerpt I found. PBS - frontline: medicating kids: readings: pseudo-add

    Please dont misunderstand what I am trying to say. ADD can also take different forms I myself am ADD I am not outgoing, or very talkative. Most of the time I am lost with what is going on around me and often spend my time just trying to catch up (when I am not day dreaming).

    Any way, I also wanted to vent about somthing. If you dont mind. In addition to ADD I am also Dyslexic over the years I have learned different technics to surrvive accademically. One thing that bothers me at work and school is when people make comments like " sorry, I had an add moment" or "a dyslexic moment" for me its not just a moment its a lifetime. Sorry about the venting. I was jsut kind of wondering if any one else felt the same way.
  11. by   SuesquatchRN
    Quote from Morgan314
    Please do not give up!!!! There is another area of nursing that needs you, your talents, gifts, and skills. Find it.
  12. by   grace90
    I'm not diagnosed with ADD/ADHD but good golley I swear I got it. If another nurse is giving oral report near where I'm sitting getting report, I am constantly tuning in to them. I get easily distracted by other nurses, pt's tv's, forgetful... yada yada yada... My report sheets are always a mess. Concentration... forget it... mind wanders like crazy. Glad I'm not the only one.
  13. by   jh479352
    I can relate to piling things up at the front door and mutli tasking at home but when it comes to giving medications I miss some. Have you got ways that you use when you give meds at work so you wont make a mistake. I am going thru menopause and its a know fact that adhd meds don't work as well when you in menopause. I've really decided to quite nursing. It is a huge loose to give up my lively hood but I can't go on making med errors. I also have dyslexia so that is a determential factor as well. Thanks for any suggestions or how you do it.