Cabbage Soup Diet!

  1. Hey I've just started the 7 day cabbage soup diet. Some people I know at work swear by it and I've piled on the kilos lately because I'm in love with food too much. I'm not fat but I'm starting to get wobble around my thighs and lower back so it's time for drastic action...

    Today is day one so I get fruit and all the soup I want. I'm already sick of the soup and I'm absolutely starving and have eaten 2 kiwi fruit, a tomato and pear already. I'm not a huge fan of fruit and am looking forward to day 2 so I can have vegetables and a baked potato at the end of the day.

    Apparently you can lost a lot of weight during this diet. My plan is try and lose as much as I can and just eat sensibly after this. I'm not even certain I'll be able to stick to it, the soup is pretty boring.

    Has anyone else here had any or know of anyone on this diet?
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  3. by   rabbitgirrl
    Quote from Scrubby
    Has anyone else here had any or know of anyone on this diet?
    I have heard horror stories about this diet, I think along the lines of "I was dizzy, miserable, and lacked energy, lost a lot of weight and then put it right back on." I have no personal experience with this diet.

    I am wondering though... where will your protein come from? You do need to eat some everyday, or your body will eat your muscle instead of fat. Then you will weigh less but not look good, I think.

    Best of luck with your health and weight. I am fighting the battle myself : )
  4. by   VivaLasViejas
    I can't believe this old chestnut is still suckering people's been around since the 1960s, an era which spawned a host of horribly unbalanced diets which endangered dieters' health and made them sick and weak.

    Please stop this "diet" right now, before you wind up with an electrolyte imbalance or worse. Crash diets are only temporary anyway, as soon as you go back to regular food you will gain back everything you've lost. Sorry.
  5. by   shudokan-RN
    the best way is to increase activity, and decrease calories,4-6 small balanced meals
  6. by   Tweety
    It works because it's low calorie, and you're starving because it's low calorie, people feel bad becaues it's almost like a fast.

    Good luck with it. It's not something I would be able to do.
  7. by   Scrubby
    It's day 3.

    Yesterday was hell. I was looking forward to vegetables until I realised I'd have to eat them for breakfast. This did not feel normal for me and I felt really lethargic at work yesterday.

    I found a site online that strongly recommends having a protein shake in the morning with this diet. So now it's day 3 I'm having fruit and veg all day. I love the combination of both, really quite normal for me since I'm vegetarian anyway. I had my protein shake with breakfast of fruit and felt tons better today, could concentrate and felt more energetic.

    So tomorrow is bannana shake day, I think the highlight of this diet.

    I have to say that my tummy does appear flatter. I'm also not craving food as much anymore.

    I'm aware that this is a fad diet. It's sort of an experimentation for me, if by the end of this I can see visible improvements I will at least have more incentive going on a better diet.
  8. by   Scrubby
    Finally I'm finished the diet and I lost 4.5 kilos, which is about 9.5 pounds. I'm happy with the result, lost that belly fat I've accumulated. I'm determined now to eat a lot healthier and to exercise more because I want to tone up a bit.

    I would recommend the diet as a short term thing, if you can handle eating cabbage soup all week and restricting what you can eat. If you have a big even coming up in a week and want to squeeze into your dress then it's worth doing.
  9. by   BroadwayRN
    It's only water weight loss and it will come back as soon as you start eating again even if you start eating again at a reduced amount. It's totally water. Period. You suffered for nothing.
  10. by   Scrubby
    Update: So I managed to lose 5 kilos on this diet. After day 7 i went out and bought some really great healthy recipe books and I haven't put that weight back on. In fact lost another 2 kilos just from eating low GI and low fat foods.

    I guess I could have just eaten better and exercised more right from the start instead of the cabbage soup thing, but losing all that weight in one week really gave me the incentive not to put it back on again.

    I went 'shopping' the other day which involved me getting some old clothes out of storage. I couldn't wear them because they were too small, now they fit me again.

    Now I have to start exercising. To be honest I really hate doing it because I'm exhausted by the end of the day but I really want to tone up. I might start cycling in to work again and just do some weights at home.

    Here are some of the books I've been getting. Great recipes because most of them are really easy to make which is important for me because after a long day at work I don't really want to be spending too much time in the kitchen:
  11. by   llg
    Congratulations. I need to do something like that. Drop a quick 5-10 pounds to get me back on the right track again. But I have a doctor's appointment next week (with lab work), so I don't dare. I'll have to wait until that's over.
  12. by   Atheos
    Maybe I should have read ALL the posts.