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health insurance???

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Today I registered for college. It was exciting. The counselor said that health insurance is recommended. Did everyone who started school have to have health insurance? Its expensive and with the costs of school its not something I can afford yet.

Yes, in my nursing program we are required to have health insurance. The school offered one of two choices:

  • Sign up for basic coverage through the school (costs about $20/year I believe); or
  • Provide proof of coverage elsewhere.

Check with the school first to see if they offer student/discounted insurance.

If not, you may want to try contacting local insurance companies regarding individual insurance policies. As a licensed insurance agent, I know that in many instances, you can customize the policies to provide basic coverage without breaking your budget. Just keep in mind that individual policies usually go through medical underwriting, so any pre-exisiting conditions might disqualify you from buying them.

And finally, just some advice on buying individual insurance..... agents mean well and provide an excellent service. However keep in mind that you are paying for their services through commission (normally 2-7% monthly) that is added to your premium. If you are working with a tight budget, it would be better to save on premium by going directly to the company.

Hope this helps! Good luck! :)

Its not unusual for the school to require health insurance converage for its students. I believe that all 3 nursing schools I have attended have required it. Just the basics though, like major medical. Dental and vision not required. The private school I went to offered no insurance, and no help to get it either. The last year I had to pay for coverage out side of my work my monthly premium was under $50 with virtually nothing covered. I think there was a $2000 deductable before they would cover any bills. But, it was what I needed to meet the school's requirement.

BTW, I found the company online, applied online and had them do automatic deductions from my bank account.

Good Luck

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They automatically included that with the registration costs. We pay for it every time we register (must), and it covers us only during the semesters. We did not have a choice, and since nursing school is so compatitive, nobody complained about it. We were all glad to be in.

Havin' A Party!, ASN, RN

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My school also requires it.

For several weeks, I investigated getting decent coverage for cheap. It's no where to be found... if you have any kind of pre-existing condition.

The school policies are practically worthless from a benefits perspective.

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My college nursing program does not require it because the college itself has it's own health clinic and students can be seen for rock bottom prices. I never have a co-pay to be seen but my meds do have a co-pay. It is funded through a mandatory fee when we pay registration fees.

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