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I'm an LPN who hasn't worked in 2 years since the birth of my baby. I will be going back to school in January in a bridge program to get my RN. However, before that happens I need to take Microbiology. Does anybody know if there is a such thing as an online Micro class, and if so where I could find it? I've tried to search online, but haven't found anything. It would be wonderful if I could find one. Thanks!


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I cant say for sure, but in Florida Micro requires a lab to go along with it. I am not sure how you could get on-line micro lab.

Good luck!


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Search the distance education forum and I am sure I've seen a thread there about distance science classes.



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Edukan has an online Micro class...you just have to arrange to do two hands-on labs at a facility of your choice. If you go to Edukan's class schedule and select Microbiology, you can view the syllabus and get more information.


Carolina Community Colleges also has online Micro. You have to purchase a lab kit and do the experiments at home.

If you haven't already done so, I would suggest checking with your nursing program to make sure the online science courses will be accepted, some colleges will not take them.

Good Luck!



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I don't believe there is one...and if there was, I wouldn't advise taking it. There is sooo much information to retain and "hands on" lab activites to participate in for the tests.



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you can learn the material whether you are studying at home or in a structured classroom - study skills are study skills, it is you who has to learn the material

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Mountain State University has added a number of online science courses! During my pre-req years, they only offered Chemistry. It's a regionally accredited university based in West Virginia.


Definitely check with your school before registering. Both my university and Emory University accepted online Chemistry when I applied.



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I'm very close to applying to MSU. Their programs appear very attractive to the person who has to support a family while in school. I'm planning to drive down on Monday to check them out. 160 mile round trip for some classes may be taxing, but I've heard of worse.

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