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  1. Just looking for some information about courses re:palliative care (Canada)?
  2. about contact precautions

    When a patient is on droplet & contact precautions and the specimen results are not yet back (the patient has a respiratory infection) - this means that anyone entering the patient's room must wear gown, gloves, mask, goggles. Why is it okay for...
  3. how old are your references?

    Keep those references - believe me - they come in handy at a later date. Even now, for me, I am using as many of my written references and evaluations for another purpose.
  4. When a patient says that their catheter is feeling like it is burning, then what are the appropriate things to do. I would want to ask the physician if the catheter is necessary - can it be removed. What can the nurse do on their own?
  5. Is this school worht it???

    before getting involved with any educational facility, find out everything about the program. Find out about the clinical components - like when will clinical occur? (some of these programs have terrible arrangements for their clinicals - so you en...
  6. I've read that when infusing IV fluids during situation of hypovolemic shock, the IV should be run as fast as possible, a L within 10 to 15 minutes. Some of the consequences could be hypothermia or pulmonary edema. And that the fluid could be warm...
  7. rights of patients

    When a patient is competent, then the patient can accept or refuse treatment. What source actually explains the circumstances of a patient right to refuse or situations when health care providers or other authoritiy would have the right to insist th...
  8. to expand re: assessment

    In addition to the physical problems of a patient, what are some good resources/outlines for doing psychosocial assessments? I have a bit of a guide for doing social support for older clients. Any ideas? Thank you
  9. On the Abbott Plum IV pump, there is a selection on the Options screen, after pressing Options/Volumes Infused. The 3 options are Volumes Infused, Pressure/PostInfusion Rate, and Lighting/Contrast. What is the Pressure selection referring to?
  10. Please help me in making my Nursing care Plan

    how about 'impaired physical mobility r/t painful joint" - does he have self-care deficit? Or chronic pain? Or risk for imbalanced nutritional status: less than body requirements?
  11. I failed my math test :(

    always double check your calculations (you'll catch those errors)
  12. I need HELP

    are there immunization issues for children in situations of poverty?
  13. McMurray's Test

    This is the test for checking torn meniscus. I have been searching Google to find a more detailed description of how the test is performed. My textbook has a short description, but I am not certain about how to "push a valgus (inward) stress on the k...
  14. diagnosis and records

    Actually, this is a patient who went to ER from home, then was sent from ER to LTC. Such an abrupt change, no longer able to go back home, and asking "what was the cause of the problem?" I don't know what the medical staff said or did not say re: ...
  15. diagnosis and records

    Thanks. For the patient to request the chart/diagnosis - who to ask? Ask medical recoords? Sounds reasonable to send a letter.