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  1. Male Nurses/female Patients

    Interesting thread. At 47, and entering pre-nursing in Jan 07, I tend to the cautious (some would say paranoid) side. I'm not about to put myself in a position where impropriety could be accused. If my daughter is going to bring a friend home, I insi...
  2. Salary to expect as a new grad nurse

    I lived in C'ville from 1984-1987. Beautiful city and countryside, AWFUL traffic, and high cost of living...at least for someone who was making 20K at the time.
  3. Old newbie with questions...

    By first semester I assume you mean the first semester of clinicals? I'm still going to be working FT while I'm in school. although I may ask to reduce my hours when I hit the clinical stage.
  4. Old newbie with questions...

    Thanks for the link. I spent most of this morning searching and applying for several scholarships. Maybe something will work out there.
  5. NP w/no desire for RN?

    Thanks, but my kids keep cracking jokes around the "Old Guy". No sweat...I plan to be working for a long time.
  6. Old newbie with questions...

    Hey guys. I'm a 47-year old career changer, and have applied for entrance into an accelerated BA/BS to BSN program. I'm hoping to start pre-reqs in January '07. First Q: Financing. I make a decent salary in my present job, but with 2 teenagers, mortg...
  7. Things You Do In Nursing School

    LOL!! I'm amazed sometimes as to how frank women can be about such things. I NEVER talk about personal bodily functions with anyone except my wife or my doctor, but I've been around plenty of women - family and not - who simply don't seem to care. I ...
  8. NP w/no desire for RN?

    I have applied to an accelerated BA/BS -> BSN program, planning to start in January 07. I'm 47 and male, BTW, and can't wait to get started on the prereqs. I'm also planning to go straight into the MSN program. The school will allow that, but requ...
  9. Headed back to school

    I'm very close to applying to MSU. Their programs appear very attractive to the person who has to support a family while in school. I'm planning to drive down on Monday to check them out. 160 mile round trip for some classes may be taxing, but I've h...
  10. Info about Mountain State University's CRNA program

    This is more encouraging news for me. I'm seriously considering applying to MSU at the ripe old age of 47 to get into the BA/BS -> BSN accelerated program, then continuing on after graduating for the MSN. EDIT: I just found out this afternoon that...
  11. That's cool! I'm considering applying to MSU. I live in Scott Depot, about 25 miles west of Charleston. I'm thinking of taking the day off Monday and going down and visiting the school. My daughter is planning on applying to their Forensics BS progra...
  12. Leaving the Profession!

    I think you'll find people like that in any profession. I know my current job has people like that.
  13. Leaving the Profession!

    Funny how each profession has its parallels. My current job pays well, and has great benefits. But I've used the words "that place just sucks my soul dry" many times with my wife. After much soul searching, studying, and so on, I feel a strong call t...