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Hello everyone,

I have this wierd problem which is in my into going to nursing school. Since I was a kid, I was really frightened of needles and ultimateley got terrified of hospitals (especially the rooms where they do the stitches and give injections). But that was a long time ago and now I am a grownup. I have no fear of needles and I can withstand 3000+ injections at atime. But the problem is this, I just tend to turn dizzy even when I visit a patient in the hospital.I get light headed when I go and see the nurses giving injections and doing other procedures. I love medical sciecne and I want to start out by being a nurse ...but this is becoming a big problem. I dont find anything gross but I just get dizzy for no reason. I think that I am subconsciously feeling the pain the patient may feel when he is have a needle stuck into him...but I dont know. I dont want to change majors...I love medical science and I want to get over this problem.

Please help me.




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Hey there-

I also have a weak stomach, for me it's when it comes to cleaning up poop or puke. (But I get a lot of practice on my kids:rotfl: ) The thing that has helped me is to look at each situation as a learning experience and nothing else. Don't think about the other things, I think then it will make it a lot easier. Another thing that helps, my instructor recommended this to us, is really drill it into your brain to feel for the patient and give them the care you'd give your immediate family members. If you are that concerned, then you would do things that turn your stomach in a heartbeat!

I know this is easier said than done. But I do have to say, it really helped a lot last week when a classmate of mine and I were cleaning up this woman who was immobile and having bad diarrhea. I just kept thinking, if this were my kid all I'd be concerned with was cleaning them up and preserving their dignity. It really helped me a lot.


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I have a weak stomach for hospital period. I just feel they smell funny :chuckle and it makes my stomach uneasy. Hope I will get used to it and over it soon.


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Hey, I'm the same way. What you said about subconciously feeling the pain in the patient really hit me. That's exactly how I feel- I was watching a gallbladder surgery and when they made 3 incisions on the patient's stomach I got pretty queasy. I'm just going to have to get used to it I guess- the room was 55 degrees and I broke out into a total sweat. My shirt was soaked!!:rotfl:

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You are not alone!! I had the same thing happen assisting with a vasectomy. Having the mask and gown on got me all hot and I started having palpitaions and got dizzy. I guess it's more common than I thought.


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Well, thanks for the replies....i though that I was the only one with this problem. Glad to have company.

But how come there are people who come to the hospital scene for the first time and have no problem at all?

Wish I could be like them.



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I get the same way, when it looks like something that is painful for the pt. Blood and wounds don't bother me at all but if it looks painful I get all tight in my shoulders and neck and if I don't notice my tension I get lightheaded. I have found it helpful to check myself when watching things, making sure my knees are slightly bent, that I relax my shoulders, and take slow even breaths... I know myself well enough to know if I start getting hot, then I better leave the room! :stone What is weird is that I never get this way when I do the procedure, only when I watch someone else do it. So weird... I am glad I am not the only one. I find it happens way more often when I have my period... is anyone else more sensitive during that time of the month??


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This thread reminds me of our blood lab in A&P2...needless to say, I was completely embarrassed that I almost fainted trying to stick myself. It wasn't easy, because I'm not usually soft like that!


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I'm in nursing school now and worried a lot about this before starting. The trick I've learned that gets me through a situation that makes me a little dizzy is consciously remembering to breathe and wiggling my toes. I feel that as long as I remember to breathe, my body's fainting reflex shouldn't kick in and toe wiggling to temporarily take my focus elsewhere. It has worked so far (knock on wood!). Best of luck to ya! :)


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Sort of off topic,

If I get surprised and suddenly look at someone's injury, I get a pain *in the same spot*! Doesn't happen all the time, but it happens more often than I'd like. I am a very compassionate person, and wonder if this is why. I don't know. It's wierd though. No one else has mentioned this. :uhoh21:


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I think the compassion has a part to play. U must be concerned about the person and so u must be feeling the person's pain which leads to light headedness. I think that experiece in the field should cure this.



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About 6 or 7 years ago i had a job in a dental office and watched the dentist give a patient a shot in the mouth. I got hot and sweaty and I did pass out. Now I want to go into nursing more then ever. it was always my dream but ever since that one experience I thought I couldn't do it. Im glad to hear so many others have similar feelings and I hope I can just get over it. I think now I am more afraid of passing out again then seeing needles and shots.

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