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Has anyone had to repeat a med-surge course? How did it make you feel? How did you deal with having to repeat? I recently failed M-S 3 and I am having a bit of a hard time with it. I know the information pretty well. I test horribly though (test anxiety). I know that is part of my problem. The worse part is the way the class is structured I have taken what feels like two steps back. (I failed M-S 3 but the way it's structured now, new from when I started, M-S 2 and 3 are the same semester now. So I'm repeating info from M-S 2 which I passed back in February.) I'm also having to take two additional classes that were not required before but are now. (groan)

I'm frustrated with my new class too. I feel like where I was at (when I was in M-S 2) was a higher level then where these kids are at now. I don't feel like I'm being hard here because someone in my class honestly asked the teacher "What does prone position mean?" while someone else what the path of blood thru the heart was. That is stuff I got tested on in M-S 1!!

If you repeated, how did you deal with it? I am trying to keep a very positive attitude about it all. In the long run, this will only help me become a better nurse. It will put the information more firmly in my head and make me better at the NCLEX style test taking. ....Right?


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I also had to repeat Med-surg 3. I was working and going to school. I failed by 2 points. I felt like a total failure. I was horrible to live with and depressed for about 2 weeks. I had no one to blame but myself, I studied, but I didn't always put my whole heart into it. Anyway, I took med-surg 3 again (I kept all my notes)and passed. I've been an RN for over a year now. Good luck to ya, keep your chin up and don't quit!


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I had to take one class again (and not because I failed the theory work/lab stuff, either.) I was the highest scorer in the class by virtue of having taken it twice.

I will be repeating ob/peds in january. I failed by one point also. I'm just dealing with it because this time I know I'll pass for sure. Taking the class over might not be a bad thing, you'll have a advantage because you've seen the material already. You might even get an A.


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I haven't had to repeat med-surg but I am repeating patho/pharm 1 right now. It sucks because I only failed by one point and now I have to graduate a year behind because of one stupid class. After the initial frustration I'm just dealing with it. The best thing to do is figure out what went wrong the last time and be sure not to make the same mistakes again. I'm sure we'll both be fine.

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I personally did not have to repeat but my best friend in my nursing class did have to repeat a term and honestly I think it has made her a better nurse as her knowledge has been solidified in the areas she was weak. In the end you will finish and will have only lost a few months but gained much more.

Good luck.


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Repeating a class-wow in my CofN if you did poorly, in almost every case they just kicked you out! Be thankful you have an opportunity to improve your skills. I 'm not sure I'd like to base licence on skills I got in a class I passed just by the skin of my teeth! It's not a race. I had to take most of my non-nursing classes before my nursing because I couldn't afford not to work and couldn't handle more than 10-12 credit hours. By taking a 5 year bsn over 6-7 years I did better and could focus on my nursing classes when it counted.


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I will be repeating ob/peds in january. I failed by one point also. I'm just dealing with it because this time I know I'll pass for sure. Taking the class over might not be a bad thing, you'll have a advantage because you've seen the material already. You might even get an A.

I too failed OB/PEDS by one point and I cannot stop the tears from coming. This would have been my last semester but instead I have an additional 3 months left. I Knw tht ppl will be asking me "Oh what happened?" and I dnt think I am prepared to answer them. What DO I DO? I knw i need to prepare myself and get my mind focused for this semester, but the anger, and fear seems to put a damper on me.


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I just dropped Med sug IV before they failed me. I was not doing so good in clinicals and started getting bad in Theory. We need 80% to pass. I am feeling a total failure. I am aloud to start Psyhc this semester, but not able to graduated with the rest of my class. It is so painful. I filled out a re-admission form to get back next Spring and finish the program. But all depends of seat availability. It hurts!


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I had to repeat my mental health class because I was 2 points below the requirements. It was really hard initially, but i didn't realize how much anxiety I had working with this population that ended up not allowing me to do well in class This class was my first C in nursing school, and it was hard to think that getting a C in my program held me back. I did however, get an A in my clinical and theory the next semester after repeating it.

I got over my anxiety and ended up working well with this population and even helped some of my other classmates. My instructors where even impressed. I got A's in both my clinical and theory class. It was worth it. I still get to graduate this year but not in April, I'll be walking in December. It can be hard to repeat a class, especially since it take so much to get into a program but that doesn't mean that anyone would be any less of a nurse in the future. I talked to one of my instructors and she said that she was really impressed with how I dealt with this set back. Many students who walk out of nursing school with A's don't know what it's like to have a setback. When you interview with employers, they're going to ask you questions about struggles. Those who went in and out of nursing school with excellent grades may not know what it's like to have set backs. For those of us that do, employers will be more impressed because of our experience. It may not be ideal in many of our situations, but you have to have faith that you'll walk out with more from nursing school as a result of repeating a class than if you didn't. It doesn't make anyone any less of a good nurse.

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