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Haven't received results

I live in California and recently graduated from Vocational Nursing School and took the NCLEX-PN on October 26th.. I shut off at 88 questions and had a TON of Select all that apply... It's November 11th and I still have no word on my results.. Classmates who took it received it within a week, except for the one that failed.. She received hers a month after testing.. How long did you/how long does it generally take to reicive your results?

I've made a breeze account & registered.. Doesn't say pending or open or that I even exist as a person in the nursing world... Tried calling the board today and got shut down due to high call volume... Going to try again soon..

Hi I am on the same boat I took mine on 10/29 here in California and nothing has come in the mail I'm so nervous

i took my test on 10/28 and I've tried the PVT trick, I've gotten to good pop up..still waiting for my results too.. i called in last week and the guy said they were still processing test from 10/19 and i should receive my results in 3-5 days.. have you guys tried the PVT?

Yup, I try it every couple days and still get the good pop up..I called the board too then other day and the said basically the same thing--higher influx, still processing.. I registered for breeze and it doesn't even recognize me as a person.. my classmates who took the exam said they had to purchase their license to show up on breeze.. they took theirs a month before me and got their results in a week!!

I know the trick is mostly accurate I just don't want to rely on that then read the "we're sorry" on the letter..

any news from you? i took my exam 10/18 too, till now i havent recieve my result yet. I tried logging on breeze.ca.gov and it let my pay for the license. i did the pvt trick i got the good pop up.

No news yet /: breeze wouldn't let me buy my license but it let me register... there's no pending results or open nothing that I see.. PVT was good, since I live in CA, can't do the quick results.. I took it the 26th and nothing yet

you need to go to manage your application on breeze and on 3rd drop it shows vocational initial licensure application then it should let you pay $150 for the license

it will only say pending if you done paying $150 for the initial license that what happened to mine. i paid $150 last saturday and till now it says pending. still waiting for the actual result and til now i got good pop up

have you tried payinh your initial license through breeze? i got the good pop up for 2weeks now ang paid $150 for the initial license throug breeze but still waiting for the actual result

Haven't tried actually paying for it since I don't know if I really passed or not.. I'll go try that.. if I'm out $150 no biggie would have to pay for the whole process again if I failed.. fingers crossed something comes in/works soon...this not knowing is killing me plus I have job positions lined up potentially once I do get it blahhhh!!

Not yet! Basically made friends with the mail man.. going on a little past 3 weeks so hopefully soon the wait is killing me

omg! i dont what to do im still waiting for the actual result, us the pvt still accurate?

According to classmates it's accurate but i don't wanna base it solely off that í ½í¸­í ½í¸­í ½í¸­

Following along. I took NCLEX-PN on November 1st and have yet to recieve results. 90% of my cohorts got their letters 8 days after passing. This wait is so brutal.


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