Have you had to be swabbed/cultured?


We had an "outbreak" of parainfluenza on our floor(3 patients, same strain) so any workers with cold symptoms had to be swabbed. I came back negative but I wonder what the point was. I was swabbed on a Friday, didn't get my result til Monday, had to work all weekend(masked of course), was told I could come to work even if positive as long as no fever. Is this just a tracking thing for epidemiology? What's your experience?

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My first reaction is that management is getting high handed where you work. Maybe drink something hot and have them take your temp so you can skip wearing a mask all day.;)

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We had a serratia out break in an ICU I worked. We were swabbed for serratia so was the unit we were all negative but the unit wasn't it was closed for 3 weeks for decontamination. I have been swabbed for MRSA on a different "outbreak".

Yes I have been swabbed.

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I'm married to an attorney so maybe my view is skewed but my thought was to cover themselves liability wise. Parainfluenza is no big deal comparatively but we are an Onc floor where even a bad cold can wreak havoc.

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Yup...on several occasions.

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Only once ever, for MRSA. . . after a prolonged outbreak. Each individual employee got their results and the unit never told us if anyone tested positive. None of the employees ever copped to having tested positive and of course the MDs weren't subjected since they aren't hospital employees. To tell you the truth, I was relieved as I felt there was a huge feeling of "You nurses are the ones giving this to the kids." Though I know the evidence is that healthcare providers are certainly suspect for transmitting the disease from patient to patient, I would like to add that at that time, no infant I had ever taken care of had tested positive after I was assigned.

Wehad seen repeated cases of parents (NICU) testing positive though so . . .

just saying. . .


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I have been swabbed twice in 14 years due to patient issues. Wasn't a big deal. I was more than happy that someone was looking out for themselves or me. I got a couple of days off with pay and free abx's. Yeah me.