Have you kept your nursing books once finished with school?

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How many of you kept your nursing books and refer back to them once you have become a RN? Or did you sell them back?

I got rid of most but some I kept like you know the ones that can serve as a reference guide like for an instance the med-surg book I kept so I can look up stuff for my first nursing job,what else oh yeah I kept all my "extra" supplemental books like for an instance straight A series,Increadibly easy series as well as Lipincott Manual of Nursing practice,all in one patho.I will sell my NCLEX prep books after I pass the exam.

i just got accepted to the nursing program and i'm needing books, the price of the package of books is over 700.00 and i got turned down for any financial aide so i'm doing everything i can to find a way to pay for this.. any ideas to help??? oh, and i'm really excited, i've wanted to do this since i was little!!

As soon as I learned I officially passed NCLEX, I rushed to the bookstore at my school and sold every last one of them for as much as I could possibly get for them, which was a whooping $87.

Then I sold all my NCLEX prep books to students who are graduating next month.

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I still have mine, taking up space in my house, a PITA to move when when we bought a house last yr! lol. i have acutually referred to them a couple times for things, but usually internet is better for me. but i hate to get rid of them, its kinda a pride thing that i just cant toss them! they are gonna be too outdated to share with another student now!


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I kept some, sold others, look back on none, but they are there in case I need a quick reference, but then again thats what Google is for!!!

I have all of my books, two years after graduation. I have referred back to my "Nursing as a Profession" text several times, as it has some good articles on issues in which I am interested, such as the evolution of nursing education, history of the profession, bsn/adn debate issues, etc.

I have gone back to read up on certain drugs in my pharm text, especially since I *really* love the book (Lehne).

Just the other day I cracked open my critical care text for the first time since graduating, just to read up on adult topics in which I had been interested and wanted to refresh my memory on these topics.

Other than those, the texts have been pretty much untouched. I have been considering switching to adults, and if I do, I'm sure I'll be cracking open some of my texts to get back up to speed.

They take up space whereever I go. There was really no internet back then, so I never knew I would have a better way to get up to date info. I've often told myself I would donate them to a group that sends texts to needy people in Africa, but I lost the info. I think what held me back at the time was packing and shipping the heavy things.

Kept most, sent some to Goodwill, sold a couple.

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