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At my bsn program we were required to show proof of our hep b series AND a titer that showed immunity. That was the first time I had my hep b titer drawn and I was still immune. Ive also had my varicella titer drawn since I got the disease and not the shot


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Titers are expensive. I started the round of shots again. You might be able to get them for free at the local health department as a nursing student.


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I should mention I had my series in 1993.

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Well, a booster vs. the series to me isn't a big controversy, because having had Hep B and throwing up forever (well, 6 months), and having to come home from abroad early, feeling lousy for a long time, and did I mention throwing up; shots would have been highly preferable! :clown::lol2:

They were just coming out with them in the 80's, and I didn't have time to do the whole series (took longer then) before I went overseas. FWIW, my immune titers are still roaringly strong now 30 years later.


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Where I am starting as a nurse-tech in August, the titers and the shots are free :)


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Being advised to get series of 3 again with a failed titer. How do you know whether to get a booster or do the series again? Clinicals within 6 months.

It is recommended that you have your titers checked 1-2 months post-vaccination only. It is futile to check them several years post-vaccination unless you are exposed b/c antibodies will likely fall below detectable levels. This does NOT mean you are not protected; Hep B conjugate vaccine protective antibody levels are likely to persist 23 years or longer. Your hospital should just accept your 3 doses, and you do not necessarily need to re-start the series. If exposed, you test, & you treat as recommended if surface antibody titers are negative. http://www.immunize.org/catg.d/p2017.pdf

The reason some may just need a "booster" is b/c they have certain levels where you may be at. From what they told me, when they test you if you are in a certain zone, you just need 1-2 shots...if you are completly negative, you have to get the whole series.

Im not against shots, so no biggie really, but the darn thing burns like crazy! Im also wondering about my kids and their vacc's and whether they are actually working or not!

The ideal level is 1:10, meaning your blood serum can be diluted 10 times and still have detectable antibody levels. I have never heard of someone choosing to only repeat part of the series...interesting.

Don't worry...this vaccine works! It has a 95% efficacy (range 80-100%). Children & adolescents tend to respond better to the vaccine, but teens & adults respond well to it too. http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/hepb.pdf

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Yeah, I had to for my school's health & safety requirements to attend campus. My titer was negative, even though I had a previous series done, too. Luckily, it was positive after this series. I was afraid I'd have to go back for a third!

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I am not sure there is a "booster" for Hep B. Most require 2 full series to convert for immunity. There is a small portion of the population that for whatever reason never convert. I am a non converter.

My titer came back negative, too.

But, the RN at my student health center said I just needed a booster. So I think there may be one. I'll let you all know on Monday after I go see her. :)

My titer came back negative, too.

But, the RN at my student health center said I just needed a booster. So I think there may be one. I'll let you all know on Monday after I go see her. :)

It's just an additional dose of the same Hep B conjugate vaccine you received for the 1st 3 doses.

If you've started the Hep B series several times, you've likely completed the 3 doses series. You don't have to start the series over if there's a delay b/t doses. Ask the Experts about Vaccine Administration and Vaccine Sorage and Handling

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