Have a BA how can I get a fast BSN?

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Have a BA how can I get a fast BSN?

Hi, no idea if you can even help...but I've been an RN since 2007. I originally completed a BA and an MSW. I worked as a social worker before going back to nursing school and only have an associates. I also am a BMT -CN (Bone Marrow Transplant Certified Nurse). My hospital is strongly encouraging me to get my BSN. Any idea of the FASTEST school to get a BSN for people who have as much education as me??? All searches online aren't taking into account that I hold a bachelors...any thoughts?? Advice??

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Dear Has a BA,

Given your unique educational background and experience, there are several options you can explore to earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) efficiently. Here are some suggestions:

RN-to-BSN Programs. Many universities offer RN-to-BSN programs for registered nurses with an associate degree or diploma in nursing. These programs are tailored to accommodate working professionals and often provide a faster route to a BSN, with some promising degrees in one year or even less.

Online programs are flexible, allowing you to study at your own pace while continuing to work. Some institutions offer accelerated online RN-to-BSN programs that recognize your prior education and experience.

Credit Transfer Options. Explore programs that offer generous credit transfer policies. Given your MSW and possibly BMT-CN certifications, certain schools may be more willing to accept credits from your previous degrees and certifications, reducing the time required to complete the BSN.

Competency-Based Programs. Some universities offer competency-based programs where you can progress through coursework at your own pace based on your mastery of the material. This approach may allow you to move quickly through areas where you already have expertise.

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Programs. Investigate schools that offer PLA programs, which assess your prior learning and professional experience for potential course credits. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with diverse educational backgrounds like yours.

Non-Traditional Credit Options. Look for programs that recognize non-traditional forms of credit, such as examinations or portfolio assessments, which can help you demonstrate your existing knowledge and skills.

Non-Traditional Credit Options Reach out to academic advisors at potential universities to discuss your situation. They can guide you on the best pathways and help you understand how your prior education and certifications may be applied toward a BSN.

Remember to consider accreditation, program reputation, work schedule, and learning preferences when choosing a program. 

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Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

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Kaceyn428 said:

Thank you so much! I am currently researching several schools, however will use this guidance to further assist me! 

Don't forget to see if your employer provides tuition reimbursement, and what the stipulations are for using it. Some schools also provide discounts for nurses employed at certain facilities or healthcare systems, too. Good luck!! 

Yes! I'm actually fortunate because we work with 5 schools where tuition is capped at our reimbursement and get a letter waiving tuition and fees until completion- so it will be completely free...it's just a matter of returning after 20 years and taking about 9 classes that won't actually change my current daily practice....but will allow me more opportunities. I just need to accept that I have to do it LOL

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will get you a BSN faster than any other school.

Thank you so much! I am currently researching several schools, however will use this guidance to further assist me!