Have you been able to find a job eaily after taking the CNA course?

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I was wondering how long it took to find a job after taking CNA course/exam. Do alot of employers hire with minimal experience?


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I would love to hear answers to this also. I just passed the state exam in Pinellas County (Clearwater/St. Pete area) and am excited to get started on a new career path.


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I didn't even finish my class yet and I have a job offer. I decided to be proactive and start searching before class ended (in 3 weeks) so that I could start working ASAP. I ended up getting a job yesterday! I was lucky though, because I knew someone who got me an interview. Even if that didn't happen, I am sure I would have been able to find something. Here in NJ, I am always seeing ads for CNAs. It is harder to get in with no experience at a hospital, but there are a lot of LTC facilities that hire without experience. The facility we are doing our clinicals at are even sending HR over to meet with us.

If I was you, I would start stopping in at different facilities and asking if they have any openings. And if so, start applying a few weeks before your course is over. HR told me it was better to apply online, but when I went to the facility and applied I met directly with the DON and the facility's HR rep. Whereas when I applied online, with the same credentials, I heard absolutely nothing!

Good luck!


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LTC facilities usually hire straight out of school. pay usually sucks though.

Hospitals Usually require 6mo-1yr before they even look at you. I was fortunate enough to get an interview through a friend at a hospital that is like 3 minutes away from where I live. getting about 50% more pay than a LTC would pay.

Correctional facilities vary. some require 1+yr exp and pay varies too.. here in so cali is like 12-15/hr maybe more.

Your resume is a huge part in getting a job. List your qualities and skills you have learned!

Hope this helps! :redpinkhe Good luck!

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From everything I've read, it's hard to get on at a hospital without some experience, so a couple of weeks before my PCA course ends, I'm going to start putting in applications and dropping my resume off at a few LTC facilities.

But I'm also going to look for positions within the US government, which are always listed at www.usajobs.gov. Getting a job at the federal level is the way to go - so many benefits, automatic raises, many holidays and paid time off, and good starting pay. I'm also looking at being a civilian worker for the Army or something similar, where as a PCA I'd be part of the support network in a facility on a base somewhere in the world. Also good benefits and pay, plus you'd be able to shop tax free on base. That URL is www.cpol.army.mil

I'm going to put in if there's a listing at the local university also. They have a brand new health center and a really fantastic women's health center and I'd love to work there. So you might also look and see if you have a big university that needs CNA's. Also, don't forget to try medical parks/private physician offices. Sometimes the perks there can be pretty great (my sister is an RN, but she started off as a records tech, working at a dr's office, and they paid for a lot of her training).

So those are a couple of my ideas. Good luck to all of us finding a job... goodness knows in this economy, the sooner the better!

Sunsetgal, did you do the Florida Medical Prep class? I'm starting that class 6/18/09


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I didn't start looking and applying until right after I took my state test. I believe I had a job within 6 days. I live in a small city, but I applied to every nursing home in the city and surrounding it. If you really work at it you will find something fast.

Did I mention I live in Michigan? With the worst employment rates in the country? Anyways, if I can do it, anyone can :)


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Oh, and as far as pay goes, if you look around a lot you can get better pay. And don't be afraid to ask for a little bit more than they offer, doesn't hurt. And don't take the first job that comes to you, I made that mistake :/


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where did you take your classes in pinellas county?


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I just passed my state exam last Tuesday and have sent out my resume to around 20 different places. I look everyday, here's luck for all!

That info about working for the gov't is a great resource, thanks!


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I dunno, but I've been trying to get hired. I got my license early last month, and have looked at several home care companies. The hospitals here ask for 3-6 months experience, and basically one gets it through volunteering.

One of my classmates signed up for one of these companies, and got a call in a week. But she had studied to be an RN before, and was prepping for her NCLEX. So, it's a bargain to get an RN for a CNA.

It's been about three weeks for me, and I haven't heard from them.

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I took my class in Feb. & got my temporary license in March. I wanted to work in a nursing home, but in MD you have to be licensed as a GNA. Well my test wasnt until April, so I called around & most places wouldn't even talk to me until I took my GNA test. So I took the test on April 4th & thank God I passed on the first try! But still I was waiting for my background check & fingerprints to come back from the FBI, so still no license number. Meanwhile I applied at a couple of agencies but the pay was soo low& they were so unprofessional so I didn't even bother with them. Then in late April I applied at a nursing home & did a drug test, so I thought I'd be hired there. But nvr heard back from them :-( So now its May & I'm at wits end ..so I decided to apply at this assisted living facility for retarded adults. The pay was even lower than what the agencies were offering but at this point I was ready to take whatever. So things went well & they said they'd definitely call me in the next coupe of days. Also that day I applied to the facility, I FINALLY got my license number from the board :) So over the weekend I was looking through the classified section & an assisted living facility for people with dementia & alzheimers had an ad about a job fair they were having that Monday. So I went, had an interview & got hired on the spot :) And the pay is way higher than what I was being offered at the other places I applied to. So now I've been at my job for about 2 months & I enjoy what I do. All in all it took about 2months for me to find a job.

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