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I just graguated this past august and started working on a cardiac unit - but i hate it because it has turned out to be a dumping ground. We basically get all the patients no one else wants to deal with. We have lots of pts that are total care and not enough staff. I feel miserable and absolutely dread going to work.

I have three months left before I can transfer and they can't go by soon enough.

Well I just had to vent and this is the best place to come because I know someone here understands.:rolleyes:


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I am so sorry to hear that your first job in nursing has not worked out for you, what a bummer. What are your plans in 3 months when you can transfer out?


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It's too bad that you have to wait so long before you can transfer. Are there any other hospitals in the area that you can work at? With the Nursing Shortage it wouldn't be hard to get another job. Unfortunately, the grass isn't always greener somewhere else. Short staffing is rather commonplace nowadays. I work in an ICU and there are lots of days where RN's have a three pt assignment(when we should really only have two). The floor RN's where I work have 8 pt's on days and evenings and 10-12 pt's on night shift. Thank GOD I don't work the floor anymore. But they expect us ICU RN's to take a full pt load when we get pulled to the floor. After all a nurse is a nurse is a nurse. NOT!

I'm sorry that you hate your job. Hopefully things'll get better soon! Hang in there!



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A friend of mine had a similar situation recently. She told the facility either let me transfer or I quit. They let her transfer - why - because they did not want to lose a nurse out of their system. (She was only on the unit for 1 month - 5 months to go before she was supposedly "allowed" to transfer). I was interviewing about a month ago - and was told by the nurse recruiter that doctors are much easier to come by these days than nurses. They probably wouldn't want to lose you. Worth a try....:)

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Thanks for the thoughtfull replies. I thought I was the only one there hating my job, but just about everyone there is miserable.

I really want to work in the ER, but thought I should get some floor experience first. I can not stay on that floor for a year. I really like the hospital as a whole and do not want to quit, but I will go else where if the ER there won't take me. I trying to take ACLS any TNCC first though- Anyone have and web sites or helpful links on ACLS/TNCC?

I would try to tranfer now, but i signed a contract for a sign-on

bonus of $4000 and it states that i have to work on that floor for 6months or i will have to repay it. If it weren't so close to Christmas i would'nt care; and I only have about 3months left anyway so I'm trying to stick with it.

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Why don't you make an appointment with your nurse recruiter? She might be able to give you good advice, and also listen to you vent.


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Look at is as an opportunity for growth. You can learn about all kinds of patients, work on organization and assessments, and all that stuff. It's very hard to work in a job you hate day after day.

Also do some fact finding on the other floors you're considering transfering to, it's probably not any better staffed or patient acutiy there either.

Hang in there. What your feeling is also feelings typical of a new grad.

Also, playing devils advocate here, since on very rare occasions, I have to be the night shift supervisor for the hospital. Sometimes patients have to go where the beds and staff are, and it's not a matter of dumping. For instance if the neuro floor is understaffed and the tele floor if flush with staff one night, a CVA tele patient may be put on the cardiac floor, even though it's not a cardiac patient. Rather than keep the patient in the ER sometimes placement on other floors is necessary.

Right now we're so busy, all the floors are screaming "I don't want that patient!". Several floors are claiming they are dumping grounds right now.

Anyway, best of luck in your remaining months on this floor and wherever you transfer.

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