Has anyone relocated as a GN to Texas?


I started applying to the hospitals in and around the Houston/Conroe area. After reading a lot of the posts on here, it seems discouraging as a GN around those areas. Not only will I be starting out as GN but I will also be relocating from PA. I was wondering if anyone has started as a GN after relocated to the Houston area? I am very nervous due to only being down there for the opportunity to interview over my Spring Break in March. I will be graduating in May and really need to land a job ASAP.

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Best of luck to you, I'm a May GN in the same area and therefore your competition. ;)

I know that Conroe Regional and Memorial Hermann The Woodlands are already accepting applications online.

I know that Conroe isn't the best facility, but it may be easier to get a job there-- they are offering sign on bonuses for new grads (or at least they did in December).

Hi ladies,

I am with you! Graduating in May from Ohio (BSN) & really hoping to find a good paying-great orientation-lovely weather area so I'm looking into Houston. My sb is at the beginning of March and from what I'm seeing the interviewing doesnt start until end of March--yikes!! Keep me updated on how your search goes. :)


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Oh how I could echo your post..

I moved to Houston as a GN From PA as well, 3 1/2 years ago due to hubbys job transfer.

My one recommendation : Get a job before you move down here!!! Have something lined up and accepted..

I came down in Sept, and wasnt able to get a hospital job ( no internship programs at that time). So, I worked private duty for a while before getting back into the hospital setting.

Just do awesome at the interview and make sure to follow up.

Good luck!

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Apply NOW!!! Start following up with your applications and make calls. It is really competitive to get an internship in TMC so don't wait. That's my advice for anyone looking for a job in the area.

Good luck!

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