Has anyone ordered from a1scrubs before?

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Just wondered if anyone has ever ordered from a1scrubs.com before, and if so how was your service and the timeliness of the order? I placed an order with them last week and as of today it hasn't even shipped yet! :( I called them and it's still sitting waiting to be "filled":rolleyes:


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I am sooooo very sorry for posting this in the wrong area! Plezzzz forgive me! :imbar


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Sorry,I have no experience with them. Havbe used Jack L. Marcus out of Milwaukee and they ship within a day or 2 and they don"t charge postage when you have a $25 or more order. Their prices are the most reasanable I have ever seen. They are jacklmarcus.com on the internet or 1 800 453 3944 by phone.


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I've ordered from them, and it took me a month to get my scrubs...basic white no less!! I ended up paying twice that much in town for the same thing b/c I needed them and then had to send them back to A1. They took 5 months to credit my card back. I called and emailed repeatedly, and most of the time they would not respond. Stay away from them, they are bad news!!!


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Howdy yall

from deep in the heat of texas

Sry yall, my wife buys them. I have no clue where


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I'm confused... was your problem with Jack L. Marcus or A1 Scrubs?....

I've heard very good things about Jack L. Marcus, and that seems like something I would be shocked to hear about their operation. (ordinarily, they ship everything in 2 days or so... )


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Me and my staff have been buying scrubs from A1Scrubs.com for the last 8 years and have never, repeat, never had a problem with them and they are filling individual orders for 35 staff members of mine monthly. Our scrubs arrive on time and intact every time I order! They have an easy return/exchange form and our refunds are processed in under 3 business days. I don't know what you are talking about, you must have a1scrubs confused with a company posing as a1scrubs. They have more testimonials and satisfied customers than any other nursing uniform site out there. Feel free to reply to my comment because I will recommend a1scrubs.com 'til I am out of breath, out of strength or dead, whichever comes first!


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Wow 2 posts and they're both overboard about a1scrubs.com. Do you work for them or something?


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I have never had any problem with A1scrubs. Always good service.

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Just a note that this thread was started in 2002. Maybe they've improved?


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I'm curious about A1scrubs as well. Why does it take so long for them to ship out? Any of you ordered from them recently?

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