Has anyone failed a semester in nursing school?


I failed fundamentals my first semester. Has anyone failed their first semester in nursing school and felt so bad. That is the way i'm feeling.I has so much confidence inmyself when i started nursing school. And now I'm

doubting myself. I have been trying to get in nursing school for 5 years and now that I finally got accepted and

failed on my first semester I feel like I let myself and everyone down. I am determined to continue, I know now what my mistakes were. I will study more and I see now what every nursing student meant when they said that u

have to cut off the world and put 100% into nursing. I was trying to do to much for everyone else and not studying like I should. The second time around I will study more, read more, be prepared, on time and make friends the second year.

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Sorry you had to go through this and I'm sure you're not the only one. Don't give up and good luck next time around.


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I agree with NursingStudent19 - I have a girl in my clinical group who failed her first semester and had to do it over. Don't give up....if this is what you really want - you can do it!!


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i know exactly how you feel. i failed fundamentals fall semester of 2007. i was devastated. i worked my butt off in that class. i missed passing the class by 10 points. yes i felt like my career was over, but i picked myself up and went on. i enrolled into another school's nursing program and got in. i started over august of 2008. i am in my second semester now. i am doing really well. i just finished med surg with a 90% b. i was really bummed out when i failed out the first time. i thought there was no way that i would be able to get back in and start all over, but i did. i switched schools because i didn't like the program that i was in. just know all your hard work will pay off. just take what general classes you need till next semester rolls around, reapply and get back in. you will be a great nurse:nurse:. just keep your eyes on your dream!

don't worry. plenty of people have failed that class especially! since its the fundamentals. first semester. we're all still trying to get a hang of all the concepts. and lets face it. some teachers touch concepts briefly knowing you'll get a hands on application experience later on in your clinicals.

and you know whaty ou did wrong you know your mistakes you know how to fix them. thats what counts more- you're learning from it. =)

think of this experience as a way to pass onto other students so you can help your fellow future nurses.


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I failed my first real nursing semester by like 1 point. The teacher wouldn't round my grade up. But i became better after going through it again. I passed the next semester with high scores, the one they call the hardest semester at my school. Now im in the "easier" semester and have just found out im being failed in clinical. So i have to repeat clinicals and my level of med/surg. I just have no feelings about it, and every feelling about it. Because I know i will be a better nurse now by doing this semester again but i have all high grades that i worked hard for and worked hard in clinical but it came down to bad preparation days that i did get called out on, not communicating what i was doing and why with the teacher, and not showing confidence. The preparation days i get but the other two are frustrating, if i just have to repeat that's fine but when you fail clinical at my school your grade automatically gets turned into an F for med/ Surg. I have an A in that class so my GPA is pretty much crushed now and I will be put on finaincial aid probation. That's what makes me mad.


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I came within .1 point of failing 2nd semester. I was freaking out. I learned my lesson, too.

My original class of 50 is down to about 20 by the end of 3rd semester, for various academic and other reasons. There are, however, a number of students that failed a semester and have come back to do well.

In my school, if you fail a class you have to repeat the whole semester. It's a crushing blow, but you CAN come back from it.

Honestly, I don't know if I could stand repeating a whole semester. It is a real test of how bad you want this career.

Good luck!

things are still up in the air for me right now. i may fail clinicals, pretty solid b in lecture. while i'm willing to take responsibility for the one day i was really rotten and unprepared for clinicals, i will not take responsibility for an instructor who when asked a question 4 times in 4 weeks said "we'll go over it later" and later never came, and made clinical a hostile experience by threatening to quit on day two and failing us.


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Just brush yourself off and start all over again. You will be better the next time around. Nursing college can be really challenging.


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Warning! This may come off very insensitive.

I have 2 quarters until graduation and I choose a part-time option that extended the program by 2 quarters, so I have a full two years under my belt. When I started classes for my first quarter, we had a few dozen students who were repeating because they failed the first time. A few students failed the class a second time but almost all made it through. Throughout the next quarters, these students would eventually fail another class. Some made it through further than others, but eventually all of them ended up failing another class by the time 5th quarter rolled around. Two fails at my school = kicked out of the program. My point is this; take a long hard look at what went wrong. Be honest with yourself. Do whatever it takes to address the problem; if it was lack of studying you need to study HARD. Its better to over study than to under study. If you tried to cut corners and not read, read all assigned readings. If the material was over your head, find a tutor. Do not fall into old habits once you start doing better. Do this and you will be fine. Half A#% it and you will fail.

i passed clinical!! next stop is the final!!!

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