Has anyone ever used this review program?


I almost feel bad making an account and having this as my first post but I’ve been caught in a funk. I’ve graduated last year and already have taken the NCLEX 3 times with no luck. First two times I’ve used UWorld as it was highly recommended by my classmates and other nurses but the third time around I’ve used the tutoring service with Varsity Tutors. I really thought I would’ve gotten it the third time around because I felt more confident but that wasn’t the case. One of my former classmates recommended this other review program called NCLEX Webinar or “Alphasplice” but when I go on their website It all seems very promising and pricing isn’t too terrible but I can’t find any more reviews online that aren’t on their Youtube channel or website. Seems a little staged to me but I would just like to see an actual review from a student that’s not posted by them.


Also, if anyone has any other recommendations for review programs shoot them my way please! I will never give up going for my license after all this hard work!


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Hello...I see recommended everywhere the same programs that have been established and have been proven to work..

1-UWorld ( used, great)

2-Hurst (used, the best for content)

3-Kaplan (used, did not work for me)

4-Mark Klimek( have not used but people loved it and recommend all the time here)

5-Nursing.com ( have not used but I have seen it recommended before, claims to have a NCLEX® Simulator [SIMCLEX®] and if you pass it they guarantee you will pass the real NCLEX 200%)

6-NCSBN.org (they are responsible for the actual NCLEX test but I have no idea how  good their NCLEX review really is)

7-Remar review ( have seen it recommended before but No personal experience)


Depends of what you need, for content I think Hurst or Klimek are the best but for interactive questions it seems UWorld or Nursing.org for the win

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First, I just want to say I totally know what it’s like to be in that funk... I failed the NCLEX twice and finally just passed this week on my third attempt. Don’t give up! The finish line is so close .... I haven’t heard of the study program you mention but I’ve used Kaplan and UWorld in the past but failed when using those. This time around I used NCLEX Mastery & Archer Review (which looks very similar to NCLEX format). NCLEX Mastery is more content based which I really liked, the format of questions isn’t like NCLEX but it’s great for reviewing content. Archer is NCLEX style questions. I swear the reason I passed this time was because of this woman Professor D that I found on Youtube who is a teacher and nurse, she is SO great. Her channel is called nexusnursing and I just watched all her videos any chance I got. They’re not lessons, she does questions the entire time and reviews the topics which is so much easier to sit through than a lecture type video. I highly recommend her on Youtube and she also makes tiktok videos (if you have that!) which are quick review questions. I struggled with content because there is just SO much to know... but she really helped. I hope that helps! 


I wish you the best of luck! You’ve got this. So many times I was losing hope, every time I failed it just knocked me down and I was losing sight of the finish line. But you got through nursing school... you did ALL of that hard work and you are meant to be a nurse! It will pay off and this will all be worth it! ? 


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On 4/11/2021 at 11:39 AM, Joeyjazz said:

Varsity Tutors.

The tutor is still a nursing student. Does not get my confidence vote.


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2 minutes ago, londonflo said:

The tutor is still a nursing student. Does not get my confidence vote.

Yeah I’m happy they had a pass guarantee policy so I got my full refund back


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Does anyone go back to the professors in their completed nursing program for advice and strategy? Have them look at the result sheet from NCSBN and start from there? 

Our testing format was not done in isolation. We looked at the NCSBN test plan and you should too. Before taking on a review program, look at your test recommendations (result sheet). 


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I used ATI. Paid for their vital board program. It gives you a lot of NCLEX style questions. It worked for me. I passed the NCLEX last week at 75 questions.

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Hi Guys! As an NCLEX Prep Expert - May I recommend the following:

First - you should check out this FREE NCLEX Study Guide that I created for allnurses! It contains the basics of what I teach all my students in how to pass the NCLEX!

Secondly, You should continue to practice answering NCLEX questions and applying what you know to answering them. You should aim for an accuracy of 65% or greater when you do a minimum of 75 at a time (cumulative). 

Thirdly - for repeat test-takers - I recommend a tutor. Not just a nurse. Not just an nurse educator. I recommend an NCLEX Expert - someone who devotes their time to research how the exam challenges test-takers. With this option, you can get individualized one-to-one assessments, and evaluation of your performance so you can optimize your study efforts and improve your accuracy, ability and confidence. 

If you're interested in learning more - you can click my profile and all of my contact info is there. 


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