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I'm finding it hard to stay interested in this forum due to the lack of other CNM's active here. Most people here are either students or exploring the career. The threads become pretty much about the same things - why be CNM's, what's the best program, best state to practice, etc. Most people don't browse through the threads before asking questions that have already been answered several ways. However, many are legitimate student questions, but the best people to answer them would be CNM's, but they are not active, so topics recycle themselves.

I wish there was a way to keep it alive. Additionally, the forum is marginalized, as new threads do not appear on the main page. I feel that many people may be interested in midwifery in one way or another, and I wish the administrators would find a way encourage more participation. Since I've graduated, I've just been browsing the forum infrequently (maybe not a bad thing for administrators because I'm sort of a trouble maker for them ;)) Pretty soon, I'll loose all interest, since there are so few peers. Too bad. Just thought I would share my feelings and start a dialogue about how to get more readership and activity. Because, for one, midwifery is the most amazing job in the world and I want to stay and encourage any and everyone who may be thinking of this career.

Any suggestions, thoughts?

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There are a lot of groups on Yahoo Groups where both aspiring and practicing midwives co-mingle (http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/rmamidwives2/ is one) in email chit-chat, Mothering.com (http://www.mothering.com/discussions/forumdisplay.php?f=228), check Facebook and MySpace too. But the Bridge Club (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bridgeclub/) is focused on bridging the gap between Direct-Entry Midwives and Certified Nurse-Midwives so there is a large focus (IME) on those actually practicing in the conversation, the other group Sage Femmes (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sagefemmes/) has a pretty strict no-students policy because there are so many student groups out there. Both of those groups have an "application" of sorts to join.

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I totally agree. I started a thread similiar to yours in the beginning of the year and it went nowhere fast.

I'm not even clear on who the moderator is for this board.

But we do need your presence. As another poster stated, you could invite your peers to join the thread. I would really like for you to stay and perhaps do 'A day in the life of a midwife' thread.

Your input is invaluable.

When I was in L&D for the one year to get my one experience (don't recommend it), I just didn't have the luxury, or time or the power to put theory into practice.:

Hi Epiphany,

Can you explain why you do not recommend getting L&D experience? I have heard this before.


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I so agree that this forum NEEDS more actively practicing CNMs. I am still a SNM, but come here to see what issues are going in the midwifery world or what challenges are arising in practice. All I ever find are people discussing schools.

I, for one, am glad you are here and hope that you can point some more CNMs this way!

Also, your long post near the beginning of this thread about midwifery being the best job, literally gave me chills. I whole-heartedly agree with your viewpoint. I worked as a staff nurse in OB for 12 years and became so tired of what I was doing there. I am now working ER as I finish school. People can't seem to understand how I can be burnt out on L&D nursing but still want to be a CNM... They think it's practically the same thing but I know it is VERY different! I so look forward to the honor of being "with woman" during such a precious time.

Thank you for your insight and your beautiful post!

Hi Epiphany,

Can you explain why you do not recommend getting L&D experience? I have heard this before.


I've said my views on this many times and ways, but the important argument is, you learn bad habits. A woman has so much more capacity than is allowed or seen in L&D, and it's hard for any human being, even a midwife, to believe in possibilities when it is consistently re-enforced upon them that the opposite is true.

And there is really nothing you need to know about L&D nursing that you cannot learn on the job as a midwife, if you end up working in a hospital, which many of us do. Nobody ever suggests that doctors learn to be L&D nurses first, and they have to work just as closely with them, if not even more - ie, PIH pts, c-sections, pitocin management (which midwives may deal with on some levels, but much less). Midwifery isnt a step-up from L&D nursing anymore than an OB is.


That was absolutely beautiful! I am currently a CNEP student, finishing my 3rd term at Frontier. I took my first class related to midwifery. Reproductive phys. It was the basics, but like you said, I am wondering how I am going to really "know" all of this stuff.

I am scared and intimidated. I've heard horror stories about how hard "Antepartum"...You know.

But I am so grateful and happy to finally, after all the years I fantasized about being a midwife, to finally be so close.

Thanks for your "epiphany"


By the way, I worked L&D for 6 weeks and went back to cardiology. In L&D I found myself covering my butt more than anything. I wanted to be the doula but had to watch the monitor etc...Hated it!

No body in my tele job get it, but I don't care. Now I'm looking for work either in Hospice/home health (I think its the closest I can get to home births as an RN), or ER. I'm bored with tele, but can't wait to start clinicals as a SNM!!!

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Hi All,

I, like Goozgog, am finishing my 3rd Frontier term. I hadn't logged into the forum for a while but recently started checking back in. I have also felt a little disappointed with the lack of true midwifery related subject matter in the forum. Maybe it would help if some CNMs posted stories of their experiences, or we could post news articles etc related to midwifery or maternity care to get some conversations going. Just making some suggestions- we'll see, maybe we will all be motivated to start some interesting talks!


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