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hard to find a job


I am having an extremly hard time trying to find a job in the Georgia area, its almost as if you need to know someone to get a job. I have been in georgia almost a month and i have been on 4 interviews with one clinic and 3 home health agencies. i have 1.5 years experience on a cardiac/med surg/pre & post op unit.5 years of healthcare experience as a LPN. Does anyone in the georgia area know of any facilities hiring.


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R u LPN or RN? The reason I ask is because I know several hospital that have stopped hiring LPNs.


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Knowing people and getting referrals are helpful. My hospital only hired a bunch of new grads recently but we r broke so we aren't hiring even though we are in dyer need of RN full time positions. But I'm on the south Atlanta side of town. I wish I could help you more.


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I'm not sure what area u live in but Piedmont Henry is hiring

Grady is hiring as well. You are experienced, so I am sure they would extend you a offer if they like how you interview :)

Have you considered some type of interview review course or rehearsed your interview in front of a friend?

I had a mock interview when I was graduating and everything went well and sometimes I do go over some questions with my cousin because she works in HR and conduct many interviews

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Hospitals around here are hard to get into. Try applying to residency programs (even though you have experience). Also, I found my most recent job (in peds PACU) on Craigslist. Can't hurt to look there!

I have been trying Craigslist also, north side hospital residency program next opening is in the spring time.i need to check around with other hospital residency programs thanks @afterseasons

Sorry to respond so late- I work at Northside and they have a med/surg internship for the fall they are accepting applications for. Hope that helps!

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Southern regional is hiring