Happy Nurses? Anyone???


Hi. I'm a nursing student, doing well in school, graduate in September. I've been working at my degree for almost 4 years; pre-reqs. and waiting to get in..... then transfering to another school. Anyway, I'm still plugging away.

I visit this site often, and it seems like all I read/see is negativity. Nurses who hate their jobs, bad preceptors, toxic work enviornments, mean charge nurses, evil co-workers, ungrateful patients, rude doctors, etc. etc. etc.

Nurses with broken backs, broken spirits, and broken bank accounts. People on skid row.

Any nurses out there who LIKE their jobs? ENJOY their patients or coworkers? Reaping the REWARDS of nursing school in great enviornments where they are utilized in a positive way?

I'm sorry, but all this negativity is really bumming me out!!! :( :(


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Ah, don't sweat it. People are venting; other members understand and can often help you see clearly or find the humor in some things that families and friends can't begin to understand.

I like my job, my co-workers, classmates and the vast majority of my teachers. I wouldn't say nursing school is necessarily a great environment where I am utilized in a positive way, but it is a means to the end and I'm grateful to be here.

I don't know a lot of nurses on skid row, though . . . ;)

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If you read a little farther you will find that there are quite a few of us who do love our jobs. A lot of the negativity you read about is venting. Please don't let the negative posts scare you away; just as in any profession there are people who love their jobs, people who hate them, and people in between.

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I love reading the stickies on the nursing humor board....they make me think I'm going to have a great time being a nurse!


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I think the majority of what you're seeing is people letting out their frustrations with others who will understand them...at least I hope nobody would stay in a job that makes them that miserable! There are too many opportunities in nursing to do that!

I love nursing...I get to interact with people in a meaningful way and feel like I really make a difference in someone's life...I have a great career, I make a decent living, and I enjoy myself at work...I have always thought that your attitude in life will carry you far...good luck in your career!:nurse:


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I am happy to report that my first nursing job after graduation from nursing is great (have been an RN for a whole whopping week now)! The hospital that I am working at has the lowest turnover rate of any in a three county region and that translates into a happy and satisfied nursing staff. I too always read about the negative experiences that people have had and was wondering if all nursing was this way. During school, there were a fair amount of experiences that could be related as nurses eating their young. Looking back on those experiences now, I realize that they helped me learn to appreciate the happy and supportive environment that I now find myself working in. Keep thinking positive thoughts and good karma will follow!


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I know I have done some venting here and I apologize if it made you or anyone think that all's bad in nursing. There are lots of positives about my job. Otherwise, I wouldn't still be doing it.


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better for people to be honest and let you know what to look out for. it may seem like negativity but let the truth be told.

i'm getting out of nursing and am thrilled!! i'll never work another day as a nurse!!


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I think it's important to balance out the positive with the negative - nothing is perfect. I love working as a nurse because ultimately I love to interact with people, and I do feel like I make a difference. However, I find it a relief to have a place where I can vent my frustrations to a group of similarly minded people...it's nice to know that I'm not alone when I sometimes don't like my job - and I find it comforting to read other nurses' posting because I invariably can relate to their experiences...I'm not sure it's negativity...I agree that it's just plain ol' venting. Take care.:rolleyes:

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Nursing is a wonderful profession. I personally feel that legislation, laws, paperwork, insurance companies and administration takes away from the actual wonderful profession it really is.

You have to understand to, nursing sees the best in people and also the worst in people. No other job, can you connect with patients the way nurses do. Nurses need to stand up and unite as one to keep our profession strong.

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I'm an ER nurse in a small community hospital. I love what I do, I get alog great with my co-workers and I am treated well by my employer.


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++Ya know,,sometimes, it is not the nurse job that we express that we do not like. It is the working short, being hasseled by unresonable MD's patients, family members, pharmacies, coworkers, staffing coordinators, insurance companies, social workers, husbands/children that make us sound unhappy. We, mostly, love being nurses. We love the caring, the healing, the sharing our talents with our pateints. We love the thank yous that we get on occasion. We love the kind word, kind look that we receive and the knowledge that when one of our patients walks out of the door after we 've cared for him. We love the fact that one person would put their trust in us to help them feel better. We love the peaceful face on one who has suffered long and hard after they have found their rest in our Lord's arms.

We love the fact that we can make quick intelligent decisions that may in fact save a person's life. We love the coworkers that we have formed a bond with that never disappears. We love the hugs we get after we meet someone on the street that we cared for and they remember us by how we treated them or their family member.

So, don't get discouraged. I have been a nurse for 12 years now, strictly LTC and I love my job, I consider it to be a calling. Sure, like tonight, I had 14 patients on atb therapy, 2 patients with a private hospice CNA who sent the entire night in his car outside instead of being with his "patient." Having to be back in tomorrow at 7am for an 8 hour mandatory inservice, and here it is 1:18am and I have to be up at 6, but am so wound up from running my butt off tonight I can't sleep. But, I go in tomorrow with a smile and a positive attitude because I have the ability to make a differance

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