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I still have a few weeks before my clinicals and from what I understand, our instructors are pretty strict on how we wear our hair. It seems like most girls are opting for cutting all their hair off short, but this just isn't an option for me.

What I want to know is if anyone knows of any good hairstyles for students with long hair? Accesories and ponytails are not allowed. They said preferably a twirled bun or a french twist, but from this I'm guessing any sort of bun-like style would be okay as long as it stays off of our shoulders and lab coat.

Also no "fly-aways" or "wispys" and I'm not a fan of the slicked down wet look so does anyone know of any good hairsprays/products to prevent the fine baby hairs from falling?

Thanks for any help/tips!

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When I was in school, as long as you wore your hair up in a loop like pony tail and you didn't have bangs in your face, you were okay. I did not do the ballerina bun.

That is how I did mine. Made a ponytail, but looped it so it tucked under into the band.

They were fine with it. We just couldn't look sloppy.

i usuallydid a messy bun. we werent allowed to have hair touch our shoulders. all though alot of the girls with "shoulder length hair" didnt have to put theirs up. it was crazy. i wish i could have at least worn a braid or a pony tail. even at graduation we had to wear our hair up

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I have those magic combs, (not sure if those are considered accessories) you can still have a part, but it stays back. I wouldn't cut my hair either. Lol

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We had to have our hair up and above our shoulders, and no hair hanging in our faces. The DON and our instructor would always yell about infection control if someone didn't have their hair right.

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Suggest twisting it into a bun on top of your head or braid it and roll it into a bun, then put one of those thin hairnets over the bun to prevent it from coming undone. Use pins to hold it in place.

You can get many types of hair spray that is light and will keep the wispies out of your face.

Check out a few hairstyle websites to get some ideas.

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