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GWU RN to MSN Fall 2018


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I got accepted on 4/18 for RN--BSN-MSN ( FNP) program. I live in Maryland. I am so excited! I noticed that the school automaticly registered NURS 4417 and NURS 4119 ( RN-BSN part) for the first semster. Will anyone start these two courses on Fall semester? Thanks!

I'm starting in the fall as well. Are you going full time or part time? I think I'm going full time if they accept my transfer credits. That way I'll only have two classes in the fall, but 4 in the spring.

Hi everyone!

I am starting as a full time FNP student this fall as well. I live in northern virginia. GWU is accepting my transfer credits so I am only taking patho and genetics this fall and 4 courses in the spring. Good luck to everyone!

Hey, what school are you transferring from and what classes did they take? I'm done this week at South University so I'll have to have them evaluate my courses then I guess. If they take them I'll be in the same boat as you with two classes in the fall and 4 in the spring which I'm very nervous about.

Does anyone know if there will be an on campus orientation this August?


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The orientation will be online in August.

Thank smoothRN. Do you know if there is a FB group for MSN Fall 2018 yet?

No but can we please start one?? Lol! I have so many questions and I'm terrified. I'm transferring from South University and going full time but I'll only have two classes this fall. I have no idea what to expect.

Not an expert but I created this FB page

GWU Master Nurse Practitioner Fall 2018

Hi! I actually went to GWU for my BSN. They made us take three of their MSN courses while getting my BSN so those classes are being accepted. I am a full time FNP student, but taking two courses this fall. I will be taking all four courses in the Spring and one course during summer semester.

gummycoco, which MSN courses did you take? Did you buy and use your textbooks much during those classes?

I think they were EBP, health policy, and leadership. Per current GWU FNP students, you do not need to purchase the textbooks because everything is stored in the elibrary.

Yes! I am more than happy to start a Facebook group. I just tried to create one but I have to add at least one member. What is your email? I'll add you as a friend and then create it that way, if that's okay. Also, we graduate summer 2021, correct?