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  1. CeciRuzena

    GWU RN to MSN Fall 2018

    Yes! I am more than happy to start a Facebook group. I just tried to create one but I have to add at least one member. What is your email? I'll add you as a friend and then create it that way, if that's okay. Also, we graduate summer 2021, correct?
  2. CeciRuzena

    George Washington University ABSN Summer/Fall 2018

    Hello everyone! Ill be applying soon as I just completed my ADN and will be taking the NCLEX in January. For those that have been accepted, what was your gpa? I have a lower gpa from my Bachelors of Arts (3.0), but a 3.94 for my ADN. I'm nervous I am applying late in the application cycle and won't be accepted. Any tips? And good luck to everyone waiting for their letters!