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  1. cw1029

    GWU RN to MSN Fall 2018

    Hey Guys! Congrats on getting accepted! I found out in December, so I will be joining you guys for Fall 2018. Have you guys found out any info about scheduling courses? I wasn't able to make the online Q&A because of work. This is my first online schooling so I am still getting use to it. I'm excited to start with you guys soon!
  2. cw1029

    GW Spring 2018

    Did you guys apply for the FNP program for 2018??
  3. cw1029

    George Washington University- FNP Fall 2017

    Hi guys! I applied to GWU FNP program. Im transferring from another FNP program that was out of state. Can I ask those who got accepted how long it took before you found out after your application was under review??